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"New Truck Prep" completed on my new truck

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For those who haven't seen on other forums, I got an offer on the Avalanche that I couldn't say no to and didn't want to pass it up. Decided to do something a little different this go around and picked up a Z71 Crew Cab 4x4. Plans down the line include a leveling kit and 33's on 20's... nothing major for now. Anyways... took possession of the new rig a few weeks ago, but have been busy traveling for work so the detail and prep had to be done over time when I was in town.


First order of business was to debadge and install the rear fender liners.


Where I started:





Most of the clay and correction had been done over the past few weeks with washes in between. This afternoon I knocked out the last of it, most only required Fine Machine Polish + Gen4 White Pads on the Flex 3401 with a handful of areas needing work with the orange pad and Swirl & Haze Remover. There were also a handful of deeper scratches that were addressed with the Flex PE14-2 rotary.


As it sits now, this is what the truck has been treated with:


  • Door moldings, lower rockers, front / rear bumpers, and roof are fully corrected and under 2 coats of Quick Sealant.
  • The hood, front fenders, rear fenders, tailgate, and both drivers side doors have been treated with 2 coats of Machine Super Sealant.
  • Faux chrome honeycomb grill sealed with Quick Sealant.
  • Both passenger doors have been sealed with a new sealant product I'm working on (don't worry, this ones a long ways off) so we'll see how it holds up.
  • Wheels have been clayed, hand polished with Revive, and sealed with Quick Sealant both on the face of the wheel and the inner barrel.
  • Glass has been clayed and sealed with Glass Sealant.


Today the truck got another 3 bucket wash, a final inspection, a thorough cleaning of the fenders. Dried with Detail Spray drying agent and GWDT. Trim and tires dressed with SVRT & 1:1 SVRT "milk" fender liners all dressed with Invisible Undercarriage Spray.


Interior still hasn't needed anything other than a vacuum. A new interior detailer has been used for the dash and door panels since new. Testing is ongoing.


Took it out for a quick drive for a couple of shots and wanted to document the paint in its absolute flawless state right now. The 3 bucket wash has proven to be working well, all the previously corrected and sealed panels are still swirl free a few weeks later.










With the glare coming off the silver ice metallic paint only way to capture the sun flare is to set the camera up to see it. These images were captures with an ISO around 1600+/- and an FStop around 18+/-













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looks good. i always liked the true silver color on siverados. wish it was on the nbs trucks. and man that grill is sharp. and i liking the new sig too.

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Thanks guys. Wheels have been chosen, now need to get the leveling kit on order and I can start on this thing.

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Lookin Good Dylan. Must be much easier to keep looking good with the silvers, but its going to be hard to see some Von Kleisting without the black paint

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