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Last 3 SS ROLL PANS BY BSER, mold wore out, there will be no more

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I had 7 orders and I built 3 extra before the mold gave out. There will be no more, I will not be making another mold. I promised to hold 1 until the 4th of June for a member that cannot have the funds until then. That leaves 2.


First come first served; when they are gone they a gone for good. The price remains the same at $400.


Call me at (316)858-1197, I accept mc/visa or paypal ([email protected])

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I have 1 .....that is ONE remaining.


I have been pleased to make them, but it is time to let them go; I just get enough orders about once or twice a year now. when I started I made enough to make it worthwhile. The first month I made them I sold more than I did all last year.

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really? **** i didn't wanna spend a grand lol but it's worth it i spose. Might be cheaper for me as I'm not molding it to the truck like you did yours. Which shop did you go to btw? I might use them, they did a good job on yours, I need an intimidator spoiler fitted/painted as well.

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