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Bser Ss Roll Pan Group Buy

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I now have 3 paid orders and I am setting a deadline of Friday the 27th for anyone else who may be considering purchasing one.


I again have more than one individual who have requested that I make several so that they can resell them. I know it's strange but I am not in this for the bucks. I make them for guys that have an SS and for no other reason than it makes me feel good to have somthing out there that I made on custom rides. This is not a business it's a hobby. I am into protouring cars since my SS was stolen and have a 65 El Camino (still has to have a bed) that is basicly a streetable track car. This is for fun not work guys.


Ok that's my rant for today, sorry!


I try to get them completed as quickly as I can after they are ordered because I know I check the mail daily when I have parts on order. In fact I am waiting on FedEx as I type this waiting on some Aeromotive fuel system parts for the Elcky. Expect about two weeks from Friday for those who have ordered.




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If you happen to have an extra around out of this batch, consider payment sent June 2nd. Glad to see you did this customization for the trucks, just wish I could send payment right now.

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I'm just not sure if I want a roll pan or the stock SS bumper, and I've been thinking about this lately too. I guess I'd have a weight advantage, and probably means I should sell my new hanger and shackle 4" rear kit and actually get the flip kit I wanted.lol


Bob, if you get payment for the 4 rollpans but there's stil other with cash ready are you gonna male anymore? I've got the cash just wondering if I really want the rollpan.

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The roll pans are completed and boxed for shipment. They will go out today except for those who live in Canada an Hawaii. I will be contacting you for extra shipping charges once I get a quote from FedEx.




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