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Part Numbers List

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This post is going to be a list of part numbers for front and rear differentials used in Silverado, Sierra, Tahoe, Yukon, Suburban, Denali, Escalade, H2, Avalanche, Express Van, etc, etc... I will also be adding in part numbers for transmission parts in the near future. As with other posts I've made it will take some time because I am always busy, but I will give a solid effort in making it easier for those new to building these vehicles.


8.6" 10 bolt


Auburn Standard Limited Slip: 542097

Auburn Pro Series: 542052

Auburn Ected Max: 545004

Detroit Locker: 187C148A

Detroit TrueTrac: 913A481

Eaton Posi: 19559-010

Eaton E-Locker: 19659-010

Yukon Dura-Grip: 26016

Yukon Spool: 32193

Yukon Aluminum Diff Cover (Girdle Style): 32121

Yukon Main Cap Stud Kit: 32271

Yukon Ring and Pinion Kits:

2.73 Gear: 24490

3.08 Gear: 24492

3.23 Gear: 24493

3.42 Gear: 24157

3.73 Gear: 24158

3.90 Gear: 24159

4.11 Gear: 24160

4.56 Gear: 24161

4.88 Gear: 24162

5.13 Gear: 24163


9.5" 14 Bolt


Auburn Standard Limited Slip: 542087

Detroit Locker: 225C135A

Detroit TrueTrac: 914A538

Eaton Posi: 19590-010

Eaton E-Locker: 19684-010


9.75" Dana 60 Quadrasteer


Yukon Zip Locker: 34022

Yukon Zip Locker Competition version: 34035


10.5" 14 Bolt 4.10 gear and down


Detroit Locker: 225S10

Eaton Posi: 19689-010


10.5" 14 Bolt 4.56 gear and up


Detroit Locker: 225S10

Eaton Posi: 19610-010


11.5" AAM


Coming Soon


8.25" 10 Bolt Front Diff


Motive Ring and Pinion Kits:

3.42 Gear: G885342IFS

3.73 Gear: G885373IFS

4.11 Gear: G885411IFS

4.30 Gear: GM10-430IFS

4.56 Gear: GM10-456IFS

4.88 Gear: G885488IFS

Yukon Ring and Pinion Kits:

3.42 Gear: 24488

3.73 Gear: 24489

4.11 Gear: 24153

4.56 Gear: 24154

4.88 Gear: 24155

5.13 Gear: 24156


9.25"14 Bolt Front Diff


Eaton E-Locker: 19622-010





Coming Soon




Coming Soon




Coming Soon




Coming Soon

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Awesome! I search for hours some times looking for a particular part number I saw a few months ago. This site just keeps getting better and better!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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Don't know if this will help or not Buddy, but here are the numbers i used for my order:


Motive 4.56 gears: G885456

Motive master build kit: R10RLMK

Motive crush sleeve: 1234726



Additional part numbers from motive:


2.73 Gear: G885273

3.08 Gear: G885308

3.42 Gear: G885342

3.73 Gear: G885373

3.90 Gear: G885390

4.10 Gear: G885410

4.30 Gear: G885430

4.56 Gear: G885456

4.88 Gear: G885488

5.13 Gear: G885513

5.38 Gear: G885538

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By any chance do you know where i can get a rear drivers passenger side axle shaft for a 2006 ss with a 9.5 14 bolt rear end

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