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I'm a auto mechanic/technician in the town I'm from and a certified "on the road" and " off the road" tire tech.


Those 200-400 ton mine earth moving tires is what I do and everything down in size.

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volunteer firefighter

Farmer by day

derecks man by night for nabors drilling

Haul crude/frac sans for my father on my week off from nabors


And run the family racing team anything from imca, hobby stock, and drags

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full time student at Auburn University :) when i go home to gulf shores in the summers i work as a part-time" merchandiser for coca-cola by part time i mean after 3 days im on overtime and the full time guy works less but its okay :) i need all the money i can get to live off of during school

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Weapons Instructor :) Pistol/Carbine/Shotgun/Long Rifle & various hand to hand self defense weapons such as knife/ku-baton/night stick etc


Also do hardwood flooring whenever I'm needed, have been doing that for 5 years now off and on.

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