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Detailers.... Battle Scars.

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The truck I have had my eye on for a replacment vehicle has some belmishes. I asked the guy to get some pic of them, and here is what I got. Normally I can get some decent scrapes etc out with rubbing compound, but I dont detail for a living and want a professional opinion on if these can come out from what the pics show. I know its hard to say since there pictures. I really dont want to have to repaint a bumper etc after i buy this. Would wetsanding possibly do the trick?




Front bumper cover.




Driver rear cladding





Passenger door.



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I would first try and go over it by hand as Im sure the owner of the truck will think Im nuts if i come with my porter cable and start going over the truck with it.lol I would see what i can get out by hand. If it seems to make a difference i would go over it with my porter cable and compound. My main concern is having to repaint those pieces after I spent $18,000 on the truck. The owner told me it has a few battle scars from parking lots. Those look to be a bit more if hitting things with it.

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