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1987 Buick Grand National


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Hey All ...


One of my buddies / Co-workers is selling his 1987 Buick Grand National. I want to buy it, but I need my funds for other things. So, I figured I would help him get the word out. Listed below is what the vehicle has.


I'll include his email address for those who are interested ... or PM me ..


Price - $11,000.00


Mileage - 91,XXX


Located - Pittsfield, Ma 01201


Contact - Dave - [email protected]





I'm not a car guy and don't have a clue what all this stuff means but this is the list the guy gave me before I bought the car. He bought it from the original owner in March of 1992. As of 10/9/2004 it had 90,471 miles on it. Now it has 90,900. He said it was garaged and not winter driven and rarely saw rain. I didn't garage it but it was stored for the winters that I had it. Here is the list:


Turbonetics 60-5 Ceramic Ball Bering Turbo (new)

42Lb. Injectors

93 Octane Red Armstrong Chip

108 Octaine Red Armstrong Chip

Turbonetics Racegate

K&N Filter

X Brace (behind rear seat)

Hood corner braces

Frame braces

Front upper and lower braces

Left rear frame completely replaced

Polygraphite body mounts

Automer Boost Gauge w/pillar mount (dual)


3" Stainless Downpipe (no Cat) w/ Dump Exhaust

2 1/2" Dual Exhaust w/ Vortech Mufflers

Oversize Stainless Valves (sz. 196/1.6)

Ported and Polished Heads

New engine and rebuilt transmission w/ less that 100 miles(I have put on the other 300+ miles)

Hypereutetic Pistons

Puel Pump Hot Wire Kit

High Volume Fuel Pump (purch: Kirbin)

Posten's Street Strip Cam

Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator (purch: Kirbin)

Transmission/B&M Shift kit/3200 Stall Convert

Stereo: Sony CDX-C8050x/Punch 45.2 amp/SonyXM-754HX amp Audio Control 2XZS


Brand New Futura GLS Supersport Tires


I added the following things to the car:

GN wheel caps

3.8 Liter Turbo Emblems to hood

New Hood liner

New oil cap

Brand new battery

New brake lines

New Headliner


There are a few negatives to the car:

The paint job is 23 years old. It needs a new one

There is some rust under each door and some by the exhaust pipe

Roof liner is starting to drop (repaired)

Center piece to steering wheel is broken


The VIN # is 1G4GJ1170HP451697


Like I said, I don't know anything about cars but I do know this car flies. The inside of the car is still pretty much like new. Don't think the back seat has ever been used. The guy I bought it from had a big wife and she drove the car mostly, so the drivers seat will need some love. lol


He did run it at Lebanon Valley Dragway once and he said it ran a little over 11 sec.


VIN - Decoding Link ...































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Nice GN ~ I sold my 87 TurboT this spring after many, MANY months of trying. It had a full roll cage which made it much harder to sell. Car ran 10.0 - 10.2

It went to a street racer in Niagara Falls for a very fair price. Turbo Buicks are badass....


Has he listed it on turbobuick.com ?

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