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24'S Or 22'S W/3/4 Or 4/6 Djm

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personally id go with a 3/4 drop and 22's. im dropped 3/4 and i run 24s with 305/35 tires. im glad my trucks not my DD because i rub a bit if i hit a bump with my tires turned. i dont rub bad at all but just a little. i wouldn't be able to haul heavy loads at all. i say hauling a quad would be about as much as i could load without rubbing. im thinking of keeping my 24's but also buying a set of 22's just to see what i like best. personally i like my 24's on the truck alot and i don' t think they look like donk's. heres a few pictures. like i said im lowered 3/4 with 305/35/24s




in this pic you can see how close that front tire is to the fender. i dont rub bad on the upper fender its the fender closest to the firewall im starting the rub a hole through the plastic. i think most of my rubbing is do to having such a wide tire. thats why most guys go with a 285 or 295.


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Hello Shawnss,

I am wanting to buy Boss 330 rims. 24" and I was wondering what offset you are running on your SS? I have a 2005 SS Awd. A guy I know has the Boss 330 with an offset of 30mm with 305/35/24 rubber and says that his doesn't rub. He has a 3/4 drop aswell. Can you just give me some specs on your wheel offset? Your truck looks awsome too!!

Thanks AGIII

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I have a 98 silverado regular cab and my front end making a shit ton of noises , And I have a little bit of money to put in to my suspension i have 24s and i want to go with a leveling kit .  any and all advise helps my mex folks out here got 26in on a  single cab and   there  making this work . If there website or if anyone knows a place upgrade the performance frontend suspension or kits that you can recommend going with will help alot any info will be much appreciated thank you "Bay Area" Northern Cali.... preferred

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