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Tv What Are Your Favs?


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i got a couple shows that i try and catch regularly...


House: LOVE this show, i started watching sometime in 09 so i missed a couple season but damn this show is great...

Family Guy: enough said...

Bob's Burgers: new show on fox sundays but its pretty funny...

Cake Boss: i like the show but the owner is kind of annoying, the cakes they make are crazy looking and look delicious...

Man vs. Food: food, mmmMMMmmm... sorry i'm fat...

Modern Marvels: this show is awesome, always something different and they give u the full history up to the current state of wat they're talking about...

Chicago Code: new on fox and its pretty good so far...

Skins: new on mtv, pretty crazy show but its good...


ones other mentioned:

Entourage: been watching since season one, fawking love this show!!!

Jersey Shore: trainwreck i just cant turn away from...

Top Gear: original English version and the new American one...

The Simpsons: Classic


cant think of any more right now but if i do i'll post them up...



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The First 48 thumbsup.gifthumbsup.gifthumbsup.gifthumbsup.gifthumbsup.gif Favorite show on TV

Cops-White trash, trannys, and thugs. What more can you ask for?

Bait Car- Any show that bust car thieves belongs in the top ten.

Modern Family- Phil is the man!!

Tosh.0- Speaks for itself

Pawn stars- Soooo much better than Hardcore Pawn.

Hoarders- This show motivates me to clean my house multiple times a day? "Hi, my name is CRAZY,and I hoard bags of my own feces!"

Gold Rush- As much as I think these guys are fools,I would like to see them succeed.My girl hates it because of the old mans voice.So I try to impersonate him to piss her off at random moments throughout the day.

Anything on-

The Science,NatGEO,and Discovery Channel

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