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Long Overdue Update- '92 Silverado Tbi 350 Build


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Holy s**t fellas...didnt realize it has been nearly two YEARS since Ive visited here. Anyone remember me lol? I signed on after purchasing my 92 silverado from the original owner who swore up and down it was a ss350...something I had never heard of.

Anyhow- I had mentioned a little bit about building a new engine for it and never posted any updates. Now 2 years later, the swap is long over, and has racked up 38k miles...how time flies.

For a quick recap, the goal was to keep the original 5.7 TBI setup, find a good combination of power and mileage on 87 octane....this IS my daily driver, not a hotrod.

Heres a few pics and vids. Im pretty happy with how it performs for a low budget smallblock with a puny flat tappet (yep) cam, factory 5.7 throttle body and 87 octane. Best 1/8 mile to date is a 9.30 @ 76mph......with a 700r trans, NON posi 3.08 rear and 275/60 cooper all season radials!!! Hope you guys enjoy!!!


dyno pull:


sound clip:







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