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Heres The Shake Down


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Hope everything works out for you, good luck :pepsicheer:


Is this possibly a result of turning a hobby into a business?


No - it's all about finding the balance in your life between vocation, avocation, family, friends, and personal time. HPM was created by Dan and myself specifically as an AVOCATION, not a primary or secondary career/vocation; we organized the business specifically to serve as an instrument which helps our work/life balance. The entire cornerstone of HPM is that we (Dan, myself, and our customers/friends) are folks dedicated to making others' dreams come true - I am very proud to know Dan as one of the closest people in my life, and completely support any decision he makes which furthers the fulfilment of his personal dreams. Figuring out the whole work/play/life balance thing is NOT easy, hell I'm 42 and *just* now getting a handle on it.


Mr. P. :)

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danny.. im behind you 100%...i know you work your ass off.. and you work your ass of for anything automotive!!.. everyone desivers a break.. and a vacation..sounds like you need to finish the truck..and take ash on a cruise or somthing.. and just get away from everything and everyone..ive parked all my stuff for awhile kinda been in the same boat as you..anyways u do whatever u think u need to do...but your gonna get the itch again to mess with stuff..( its kinda like the herp... its never gonna go away..just gotta learn to deal with it..lmao....anyways if u find moderation..that will be the key ..and if u do find it..show me the way..haha.. good luck !!



on a side note is this the end of HPM or maybe just a break?...dont know yet?

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Good luck on what ever you try to do or change. I need to add another thanks to you. You have talked to me on the phone for dang near hours at a time just giving advise and help for no reason at all! :cheers:


Thanks again Danny.


-Another Justin

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