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hey guys, havent posted in damn near forever but a recent glitch with my truck has the mechanics at the local chevy place confused.. Monday night I went to start my truck up, turned the key, the engine turned over them BAM, everything went dead AND smoke came from the steering column.. the dude at the chevy dealer told me they mounted a new 'body control module' (w/e that is) and with that installed about 2/3 of my electronics still have no power.. then he said whatever happened it happened good and they still have no clue.. sooooo has anyone ever heard of anything like this happening?? and i know,,,, strong first post back.. thanks for the replies

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The bcm controls interior electronic functions of the truck and is right below the base of the steering column. Sounds to me like there might be a wiring problem somewhere maybe. I would tell the mechanics to check the engine harness, pcm, and power cables. I have seen some A+ dumbasses at dealerships.

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Does the truck have an aftermarket alarm, starter interrupt, or remote start installed? Any other aftermarket electronics?


Mr. P. :)


yeap I have an Alpine head unit with the module that allows for the steering controls to still work.. you think the people that installed it could have screwed something up??

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