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Lots Of Questions About Injectors

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I've been doing a lot of reading on here before asking these questions and it has been confusing me more.

My problem is: I'm putting the victor intake on my truck and wanted to find a set of injectors that will connect to our factory connector but will also fit in the victor intake. Bare in mind i have no idea what i'm talking about when it comes to injectors and their names or types.


I have a set of 42 pound 8.1 marine injectors and although they bolt in to the factory harness, they do not fit in the victor intake. It seems the bottom of the injector must be a different design. I say that because i also have a set of SVO green top injectors and they fit great in the victor but of coarse to do not wire in to our factory harness.


So my first question then is what are the names of the designs of the injectors? The gm 8.1 must be one type of injector because of its bottom tip design, and the SVO's must be a different name because of its design. If i knew that i could at least search for that type of injector to learn more about it.


So my second question is, of the right type of injectors is there one that has the right connector for our truck?


* is this the right one: USCAR or oval ev6 connector. or is the oval EV6 the LS2 only and not our lq9s


these seems to have the right type of tip but i'm guessing they are the same height as the gm 8.1 injectors are and they are WAAAAY to short to work with the victor intake and the edelbrock or aeromotive fuel rails.


Or instead of buying new injectors, is there a harness with our factory plug on one side and the svo plug on the other side?


Which leads me to more questions, what is our factory plug called? I have found a couple of posts that say MultecII(by krambo) or USCAR or ev6 oval(by impoSSter) or new EV1(by mr P). Which is right, or is it all the same.


And then do you know what the SVO green top injector plug is called? Is this the EV1 style? and i read there is a old ev1 and new ev1....how do i tell what i have?


Once i know what type of plugs i need i can most likely find the premade harness. I would like to not cut the factory connectors off in case i want to go stock or sell the truck to someone else who may want an intact factory wiring harness.


I have found adpaters for EV1 to EV6



EV6 to EV1



LS7 to EV6



Minitimer or EV6 injectors in a vehicle with USCar or EV1 connections



i tried to do a bunch of leg work and my reading before asking but if someone could clarify i would appreciate it a lot.


thanks for any help!



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the connector for the factory truck harness is called.... Multec 2 (Delphi). the siemens 60lb/hr injectors are taller like the fbody injectors are and fit the edelbrock intakes and rails.



look on raceronics site.... it says the connector type for each injector.

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Our trucks come with the Multech II connector. The USCAR(EV-6) connector comes on the Hemi's, the Cobra Mustang and some Corvettes(LS2/LS7). The Minitimer(EV-1) came in the older camaros and many other cars.


They make adpaters to go from EV-1 to EV-6 and vice versa but to go from Multech to either EV-6 or EV-1 you will need to buy some pigtails and solder them in place of the old connector. They sell the pigtails at Summit, Caspers etc.


There was a guy on PT that made a couple sets of Multech to EV-1 adapters but I don't know if he still has any left.


If you post a pic of what you have or want I may be able to help you better. It looks like you want to go from Multech to EV-1 but I can confirm once I see some pics.

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thanks for the help guys, i took what you guys said and did some searching and found that fiveomotorsports has the right adapters for this. Just like you guys said the multec II (they called it the "delphi mini male) to the EV-1 female of the green top injector.


Thanks again, this was really holding me back on my swap out.



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