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4-beam Hi-headlamp Mod


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Was wanting to do my DRLs but after reading about it, I didnt really want to bead silicone around anything. Makes me feel like im rigging it. Unless I am missing something, is there a bulb that will pop in to where the DRLs go?


I get flashed enough as it is having 55w lights everywhere. I can cruise around with just my fogs on and still get flashed by cars because the fogs dont have that back reflector. They are like a high beam.

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... install your diode between the two wires, with the stripe on the diode towards the high-beam wire.

Shouldn't the arrow on the diode face the low beam wire? That way when highs are toggled, current flows to the low beam circuits as well? Rather than running low beams and having current flow to high beams? Maybe I'm wrong, but I figured that would only leave you with all headlamps on during low beam operation, and high beams when high beams are toggled.. Rather than low beams while low beams are in operation, and all headlamps on during high beam operation as desired.

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