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Black Bear Performance Sells E-fan Harnesses And Pulleys

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Black Bear Performance is now offering electric fan harnesses and overdrive alternator pullies (to help with idle amperage) in addition to current services.


There are 4 different harness configurations available, which cover all 05+ Tahoe fans and LS1 style fans.




$119 for harness with pulley (shipped)



$98 just harness (shipped)



$30 for just pulley (shipped)


(all shipping prices to US)


Note: we use higher quality relays than most competitors.


Please let us know if you have any questions! :bowtie:

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Yep, we have a harness for all different applications. You just have to let us know the type of fans and the year vehicle you are hooking them up to, when you order.

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i just ordered a harness off of your web site , was looking for a number to call to make sure you had them in stock b4 i bought but didn't see one . could you let me know if you got payment ok paypal addy is "[email protected]" and let me know if you have them in stock cause i need asap ... thankscheers.gif

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I heard overdrive pulleys help with MPG and HP as well. Do you have a website on these?? I could use one for my 2003 silverado ss for my system in it since I just upgraded the alternator to 250a.


Overdrive pulley is to spin the alternator faster... it will not help horsepower at all and could actually hurt the mileage if anything. You're increasing the parasitic loss on the engine. It's to improve the performance of the charging system at idle speeds, to make up for the increased amperage draw of the electric fans.


Underdrive pulleys help with mileage... they slow down the accessory drive, freeing up power. But you can suffer driveability and reliability issues with them.


Hope that cleared it up somewhat!


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