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Chase's 427 Lsx Twin Turbo Build

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i think we should have a members projects section but here is the start of the build






lsx gmpp block (head bolts will be 1/2 inch with the 6 bolt heads)

trickflow 235 cc 6 bolt heads with inconel exhaust valves and .650 lift springs

callies 4.00 x 6.125 rod 2.100 journal dragonslayer crank

lunati pro billet 6.125 i beam connecting rods w 225,000 psi bolts

diamond 4.125 custom coated pistons

morel ls1 hydraulic lifters

yella terra ultralite rockers

asp damper


cam specs are on the way (last picture)


turbo specs are somewhat set but not set in stone


pictures of some parts below




















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im pulling the old setup out next week. im going to sell it for what i think is dirt cheap. so if your interested pm me other wise ill post up for sale when ready.


now im just waiting for the block to get back , its done just has to be picked up.



1/2 head studs in larger holes and the regular extra studs for the 6 bolt pattern. if this doesent hold the heads in place i dont know what will.

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+1 one having a build section for members to do threads, that way it be easier to find some info for people doing the same.


Sweet new parts, i been waiting for your build thread to start.

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HOLY CRAP CHASE!! Thats gonna be awesome.


BTW, how do I subscribe to a thread?


top right corner of the thread there is a drop down menu. just click "subscribe to thread" :thumbs:



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