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4l80e Nvg-149 32 Spline Input Gear Adapter

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Time2Kill has been doing these for a long time. He had said a while back that he probably wont be doing any more batches to have stock on the shelf. You will have to pull your stock input shaft out of your t-case and send it into him and he will have your new input built. I'm sure he is busy as he always is, but he always gets back to guys about this. He took excellent care of me when I was trying to get one. You just have to be patient. Good luck guys.

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I just talked to him and he is still doing them. I know he's busy but once he seen that I was looking for his help, he came on and made sure he replied to me in a very fast time frame. I appreciate that too. I suggest asking him for his address, cost, etc all in one message, just in case he gets busy and forgets.

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Sorry, didn't realize this thread was still active.


I don't stock the gears anymore, but you can still send me your gear to have modified. If you don't want any downtime or if you want to keep your stock gear, I can order a new gear from the manufacture and modify that as well.


PM for pricing as it varies slightly depending on how busy my machinist is. Typical turnaround is usually 3-5 days after I receive the gear.

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