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4l80e Nvg-149 32 Spline Input Gear Adapter

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I've been selling these for quite awhile, but I don't think anyone really knows about them. Chuck at FLT has been using them for a few years with excellent success. We have had them in several 800hp+ Silverados and Escalades that have swapped to a 4L80E with the NVG-149 Transfer case. Not a single one has failed yet unlike the turned down output shafts for the 4L80E.


This swap is very easy to to do. You just need to take apart the stock transfer case, pull the input gear out, and put this new input gear in. Takes about 30 min to 60 min depending on your skill level.


Please PM me for pricing/availability


Update 2/24/12

I'm currently out of stock of these, but will make one last run if I can get 3 or 4 people committed to purchase. Please PM if you are interested in one!







I am interested but need pricing.



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I just sold out of all the cores that I had on the shelf.


I have one source where I can get 5 more of these gears, so if anyone else wants a gear, I'm limited to 5 more spots for this current run unless you send me your input gear.

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Sorry to be a noob but I do not see any way to PM Time2kill. I need one of these adapters. I have swapped in the nvg149 and modified the front axle with the SS right side axle into my 1998 gmt400. It is a welcome change, but now I need to ditch the 60e and go with the 80e. This adapter is holding up the show!





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