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Lsx Ls7 Blown Project Update


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Nice build so far... Are you using a narrowed rear end? I'm doing a LSx similar build, I just like the looks of an old school Whipple blower... but after seeing that intake on yours I sorta wish I went the Pro-Charger route!


Ya im using a 9" 35 spline 3.89 mark williams locker


the pic is one i built for my 67 chev pickup





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On 10/21/2008 at 9:57 PM, BlownFogger540 said:

Well I started this in Feb 2008 by waiting for a LSX block got it in June lol waited 2 months for my machine shop to get it done middle of race season he was very busy:( so here are some pics for your pleasure


ts 427ci this keeps more head gasket room on a boosted app

Callies crank and rods

Je-29cc pistons

arp main studs

arp 2000 head studs lsx only kit allows 105lb pull

GMPP LS7-LSX heads ti intake 2.200 Ferrea ss ex 1.61

nextek springs and ti retainers

3/8" Manley push rods

crower SS shaft rockers rockers

Comp Blower cam


F2 procharger with cog drive

and through a big air to water inter cooler

and a stage 2 snow meth kit

Fast 102 tb

108lb injectors


Trans is a 6X TCI 6 speed with paddle shift

Circle D converter 3000 stall


fast stand alone fuel and trans management



well that gives you a idea whats inside



post-8425-006168300 1318909863_thumb.jpg

post-8425-068312800 1328318086_thumb.jpg

post-8425-017555600 1328427913_thumb.jpg

post-8425-071540300 1328427968_thumb.jpg

old post but what brackets are those?

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