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Pacesetter Headers. Addco Sway Bars, And Other Misc..

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pacesetter full length ceramic coated headers, # 72c-2265 $300 shipped to the lower 48 states.

used but in good shape, they do have a few minor scratchs from install/removal and there is one spot that looks like it rubbed off the coating... you can see it in the pics. it's a small spot that when installed will not be noticeable.



addco sway bars front #741 and rear #631 these are the correct part numbers for the SS/VHO/Vmax there brand new in the box only removed for pics, $250 shipped to the lower 48 states.

please call addco to confirm these are the right part numbers for your truck..


ADDCO Manufacturing, Inc.

1596 Linville Falls Hwy.

Linville, NC 28646


Fax: 828-733-1562


i also have the VortecMax badges i will sell for $30 shipped or $17 each.


and i still have the fiberglass ram-air hood, i will sell for $200 + shipping but i will not stand responsible for damage during shipping.. i can gaurentee i will pack it securely and that it is in good shape when packed. you are more then welcome to pay for insurance as well.. but if it is damaged in transit it is'nt my problem. if you can agree with that then i would be willing to ship it. i hear greyhound is pretty cheap ($100 or less) but they only pick up and drop off at there bus terminals so i can drop it off at mine and you would have to pick it up at yours.

HOOD IS SOLD........



















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hey bro are the headers still available? If they are I'm very interested...

pm'ed you. waiting for reply.


I'm interested in the sway bars. I will call addco for a confirmation on part numbers.

there still here. just let me know as soon as you find out

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will you seperate sway bars? i just need the front. the rear one i have.

pm sent.


message me if you still have the hood

pm sent.


and for everyone else, until i say it is sold consider everything still available.


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if fast4popper will buy the front sway bar I need a rear one if you will split them up. Let me know. I will double check the part numbers in the meantime. Called addco and they say the 2121 is the correct one for my 03 SS, so I guess yours won't fit.

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