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What Transmission Comes In The Silverado Ss

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I just bought an '05 AWD and I was under the impression it had a 4L85E from the factory but now I've been hearing 4L65E or 4L60E and I'm curious which information is correct. I'm looking at an article from Superchevy.com that states the '04 had a 4L85E and I remember reading up on them in the past and being fairly certain that was correct. Help me figure this out please...

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That's what I've been finding but I still see a few articles claiming it was an 80 or 85 but most of them are from around the time the SS first came out so I'm thinking GM intended to put that in and changed it come production time. Really blows IMO...

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On 11/12/2019 at 11:04 AM, Joel said:

Can the 4l60 fit in in the ss

Physically, yes.  Functionally, no, not without a lot of work - the 4L60 is just another name for the 700R4 which is similar to the 4L60E/4L65E but does not have electronic control that the E trans has.  It uses a throttle valve cable to control line pressure and shift points.  The newest fullsize truck you'd find the 4L60 on is 1992 and they fit the old school small block.

4L60E can fit but isn't as strong as the 4L65E, and there are also many revisions of the 4L60E over the years that an older one may not be electrically compatible.  Best to stick to the 4L65E or have yours rebuilt.  Or swap in a 4L80E which is some work but worth it if you're making more power than stock.


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6 hours ago, 22runbull said:

My Transmission is acting up wanted to swap out to a new year.....any 10 speeds that will work  ????

Schwinn used to make some good 10 speeds ?

But seriously, that would be a fun idea, but probably a lot of work, the most problematic being the computer setup.

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On 11/20/2021 at 2:59 PM, Frank 696 said:

Had transmission rebuilt in 2004 ss Silverado,      it's slipping again,  I'm ready to buy something built,  or 4L80...  do you recommend any aftermarket transmissions?   Or,will 4L80 slip rite in?    Or is it 4L80E?

Find a new transmission guy. I had mine rebuilt last year for the same 04 SS and I beat my truck pretty good. I told my trans guy it needed to handle 700hp. I was planning ahead for when I replace the 6.0 with LS3 427 stroker. 

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