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Congratulations Fast4popper


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Here it is, my 2004 Silverado SS. it started out as a simple upgrade from my Durango R/T. and thats where the simple stopped. i started with the basics, a tune, intake, some audio gear and thought i was done. YEAH RIGHT!! thats when i ran into Frank at Revolution, a nip here and a tuck there and the out come is as follows...


for audio i started with a huge MTX 4 channel to run the front and rear MTX 4 inch components as well as the 6 inch MTX midbass drivers in the doors. for subs a went with an MTX 7801 mono block amp driving 4 mtx 8 inch subs in a custom build plexi box down firing the subs, while i do know that these aint no 12's, i think everyone who hears them tells me the same thing, "them are 8s?" from there things get crazy on the audio side. i added an Atant 1.1 mono amp to drive the center channel speaker in my custom build dash that was designed to create the true 5.1 experience in my truck. for an indash source unit i have an Alpine IVA-D205 running thru the 701 processor as well as the ipod adaptor, sirius radio, external Alpine 5210 dvd player and aux jacks so the kid can play video games thru the trucks audio system. I also added 3 other Alpine 5.8inch screens in the truck, one in the overhead above the mirror and one in each head rest. so to sum up the audio system, each of the 4 screens can watch their own source, listen to their own audio and all of this without interupting each other by using headphones or the speakers in the screens... oh did i forget that i added the Alpine DVD rom navi as well?


on to the looks. it started as a simple hood upgrade then a tonno cover, bedrug, then it took off from there again. the suspension is full belltech with drop spindels, leaf packs, energy suspension bushings throughout, as well as an addco rear anti-sway bar. while all of this was apart i didnt simply bolt it on. i took it in for powdercoating. the full underbody suspension is powder coated red. from the rear GM performance diff cover and addco sway bar, to the upper and lower control arms, spindles, and even the 14 inch rotors from SSBC as well as their tri caliper piston calipers. from there i had a hard time deciding on wheels, i have always loved the Dropstar DS05's but didnt know if they would look to luxurious for an SS. but after seeing them on my truck, i was in love all over again.


now on to what everyone asks about. the power plant. it started as a regular bold on P1SC kit... again, thats where it stopped after the 7th piston threw out the side of the block... here is what is under the hood right now. fully forged and balanced bottom end. ARP bolts, Mahle pistons, GM cracked cap rods, pinned crank, ported and polished 317 heads, Corvette valve springs, D1SC polished blower, CUSTOM built intake plumbing and powdercoated red of course along with the brackets for the blower. I also painted and smoothed the engine covers, added a 250 amp alternator dual optima batteries. something that ALOT of people dont notice is the tightening of wires i did under the hood. when the motor was out i moved/relocated/ and cleaned up alot of the gm wiring to make it look better. somethin small but its the small things to me that make a difference. behind the motor i have a built 65le tranz with a billet 2600 stall, as well as the usual corvette servos and shift kit.


I am totally sure i forgot something as well as there is NO way to show the true ins and outs of my truck in pics. I know its not the fastest, not the prettiest, but with 97000 miles on the clock, i can say it does get used for what i built it for and thats to ENJOY IT!!



























and yes i use it as a truck!!

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I'm proud of you Bro !! :cheers: to have a best friend that has done so much for my truck and me and then to have time to work on his own rig and have it look as great as it does, is an awesome honor to roll :driving: with to shows, cruises or just hanging out :thumbs: ... your work has paid off !!! to be reconized as the featured SS.. WOO HOO we got a Feature SS roll n in the Central Midwest SS Posse " SS boys For Life" lolol CONGRATS CHRIS !!!!

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thanks everyone who voted, not just for me but for everyone in this ftc contest! it goes to show we all respect each other and each others trucks!!


I will write more later, i have a TON of yard work to do today. and i gotta get it done!


Thanks again you all!!

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