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Something To Think About.

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THanx for sharing and glad to know somebody out there still cares about us that serve.

I do care and think about each and everyone of you all atleast a 1000 times a day. I was in the 1st one and will always remeber my time there and the people I met. Be assured I and alot of others WILL NEVER FORGET YOU ALL . Be safe.

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Great video! That video brought out some memories there. I wish I could explain the things that these young men go through on a daily basis there in Iraq and Afghanistan. I wish I could explain in words why these young men do what they do. I wish I could tell you why a young man will charge a building knowing full well that there are insurgents in there hell bent on killing him and his buddies. I can only offer my own reasons for choosing to serve my country. I feel that every single day that I am here, I have made our country better in one way or another. I feel as if me and my buddies are the protectors of this great country that we call home. I wear my duece gear and walk into battle because I don't want our kids to have to do it one day. I don't want my daughter to have to pick up a rifle and fire a shot in anger. I choose to serve because I don't want our kids finishing what we started. :flag:

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