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Calling All Photographers

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Hey guys i am in the market for a new camera preferably 35mm and was wondering if anyone has a favorite or one that is easier to use than another?,now i am not a huge photographer but i dont mind spending money on a camera as i will probably own it for a long time.I have heard te canon rebel is a good camera but thats hearsay please point me in the right direction. :thumbs:

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Any of the major brands are good. Nikon, Canon or Pentax. Depends on what you want to do with it. They are all very easy to use in "Program" mode. Just point and shoot. Personally, I prefer Nikon just because the lenses are top quality in my opinion. Nikon tends to be a bit pricier than the others though. Good lenses are key to good pictures regardless of brand. Good lens on cheap camera = good pictures. Bad lenses on any camera = bad pictures. I've got a couple Nikon N80's that only have 6-7 rolls of film shot through them that I'd sell if your interested. Feel free to pm me if you're interested in them or I can hook you up with some Pentax cameras that are older models but new in the box.

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I got the Digital SLR 12MP Canon Rebel XTI for Christmas and LOVE IT! The "Stock lens" it came with was OK but I wanted more, then I invested in a couple of the Canon L Series Lens, 24x105mm F/4L IS and 200mm F/2.8L with the Canon 1.4 Extender and I REALLY LOVE IT now.


Yes the L series glass is considerably more expensive than the standard series but if you watch any sporting event on TV, or anywhere for that matter, almost all of the professional photographers are using L Series Glass because they are top of the line.


Since I purchased the L series lens I will never go to anything less, they are that good! Also, if you ever need to sell them for some reason or another you will still get pretty close to the same price you paid for them new.

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+1 for Bob47


He knows his stuff and is a really good guy. He is a trusted source :thumbs:




Bob definitely knows his stuff about photography and a great guy also :thumbs:

Spend a lot of time with him at Zippy's event

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