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That was at a local autocross...a few guys I race with were there.




Something like 7/16-20 lugs...but the car uses 12x1.25 nuts.


They are almost the same pitch...he even torqued them! A good friend of mine borrowed his TQ wrench when the owner was done changing wheels (race tires).


What everyone speculates is...that the nuts could take the load of only ~80ft/lbs when torqued...but not the load when he started driving.


What I can;t believe is...that all 4 fell off! One or 2, OK. But what a failure!


It supposedly took close to an hour to get the car off the ground...they put his stock wheels back on, and he finished the event. The nuts stripped, the studs were fine.


Exhaust and 'frame rails' were all scraped up, but that was it.




BTW, reads the comments on MySpace...what f-in idiots.


- Brian

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