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Guys, My Truck Is Running Like Pure Crap.

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He is coming up north this weekend so I can fix the knock sensor, run a scan or 2 and flash the PCM. IF a crack develops in the honeycomb material it rattles around and grinds itself into powder and clogs the cat. You guys already know this I'm sure and I agree we need to figure out why but without the original owner???? I was planning on running a cylinder balance test via HPtuners. That should tell us what's up, that along with the scan. I just happen to have a couple of spare knock sensors.



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First of all, Bowtie70SS is the best friend anyone could ever have. He's a fantastic person who'd go out of his way for anybody.



WOW, just wow. So, Dave and I tackled this intake today (I won't lie, Dave did everything pretty much) The intake came off to reveal this







The sensor and harness looked like this. The rear knock sensor is the one on the left, and the front one is the one on the right.



Needless to say, the rear one looked like it went down with the titanic!!!

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All clean!







Here is the old rear knock sensor, and the new one.



Same back RTV around the little black covers, put the intake back on and now we're good as new!


Under the intake, we found sand, mulch and grime! I'll never know how it got there, but dear lord!


The truck picked up a few ponies with the knock sensor replaced.

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Yea, figured it was bad. Great job with the pictures! Too many posts end with just some words and a thumbs up. Pictures tell the entire story.


BTW, your intake isn't out of the ordinary. MANY have pulled their intakes to find what you found. It only takes one mouse to find your warm engine bay and it is all over. Your heads look dirty as well. Time for a sea foam treatment.

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I had asked Shay to bring me some mulch since he was coming up so I could fix his truck. He didn't want to take a chance crossing state lines with a load of bootleg mulch so he smuggled it in under the intake. Seriously though I was very suprised to see that crap under there. The foam end pieces were still in place on the intake. Good thing I had a couple of spare knock sensors from my original engine.

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Thanx for posting up all this good info guys, my truck suddenly adopted these symptoms yesterday and left me stranded on the side of the highway in -20 Cel. Mine would barely run and would not move under its own power. I ended up flat decking it to the GM dealer to thaw out and diagnose the problem. My truck was also on empty when it happened so i thought maybe water/ice contamination or in tank pump failure? But now i'm thinking a bad cat/cats. They are original and have been throwing cat codes for a couple of weeks now. I'm now praying that i didnt F-up my engine, I'm dirt poor after dumping five grand into a tranny last month.. The worst part is i was coming back with parts to fix my whole exhaust system when this happened.



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