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Tahoe "street Tuner"

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Has anyone seen or heard anything about this yet? It has a pretty good look that teamed with a LS2 or LS3 would make for a pretty mean ride.


AumobileMag linkage


ps. I tried to post pics but I guess us nonsupporting members can't do that anymore.

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I have been doing a little more digging into this "street tuner" moniker. Apparently GM is getting ready to unleash a new accessory line that is geared toward the F&F tuner crowd. There are not a whole lot of performance upgrades...just seems to be all about show.


More linkage

GM Tuner Source

Serious Wheels.com



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it looks like something you would see rolling in south dallas :puke: ... not feelin the bumper cover or the billet fill cover, the wheels whould be ok, but only if they were gunmetal or something "different"


o and GM has already got some of those tuner parts out, my friend's cobalt has a GM performance parts intake he said there's a factory supercharger kit available for those who wanted the SS but couldnt afford it

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