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Vortech SSS drag video STI gets spanked


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This is my Drag race video is only a second differnce but it felt like the STI wasn't even a challenge


he did have a aftmarket turbo, intercooler , and injectors


this is a pretty good determing factor of how allitude affects time (4500 ft)




I also raced this SSS with a STS





i guess black is faster !!!!!

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The STS SSS just rolled through the staging lights...lol. Poor guy was probably trying to build boost and his brakes slipped...ooops...


That STI was pretty slow for his mods, doesnt look like he launched very hard either...he should have given you a better run, but not have beaten you. Good times for your elevation...

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where have i seen a black vortech'd ss vs a red sts ss??? :crackup:


ill admit i wasnt to impressed with that sts either


from what i have seen the sts kit requires quite a bit of tweaking to get it right, chpspeacial should be proving this pretty soon.

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It looked like the red SS had a stock TC which is also why he creeped out trying to build boost. I happen to know. On a side note my STS has taken me to 12.5 with a melted plug down the last 1/8th, so basically on 7 cylinders.

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