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Many car audio pieces


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This is out of my truck (mostly) and car (sold my truck). All prices are shipped pricing, MSRP is from when the items were or are current. All items are in great working order.



3 TA7801 MTX mono block amps $180 each (MSRP was $699) 1 amp doesn't have a box nor do I have the birth sheet (lost it when I moved so $150 for it)





1 7541A Infinity Reference 4 channel $80 (MSRP $249)





DEQ-7600 15 band Pioneer 1 din size $110 (MSRP $299)





Head Unit:

KD-AR860 JVC $SOLD (MSRP $249)



installed in my truck




GMRC-01 wiring harness (retains warning chimes) $SOLD (go for 100-80)




Subs: Don't have the original cartons (all subs are dual 4 ohm voice coils)

T8512-44 (x2) 12" MTX 8500 series $120 each (MSRP $399)

T8510-44 (x2) 10" MTX 8500 series $100 each (MSRP $349)

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Want to sell your HO Alt?


Mr. P.


I sold the truck in July to a Policeman from NC so I don't have any other equipment, sorry.


I was going to be working on another vehicle to install the audio but with baby on the way I thought better of it.

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