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Hello, im replace the timing chain and im look the oil pressure no move like before, stay on 30 psi and when acelerate the engine just go to 40 psi. before i think go to 50psi when acelerate. have any ring damage when instal back and lose pressure? if somebody now or have the same problem before, please can write back. THANK...

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I just got a GM electric fan setup for my truck and I have OCD. Could you tell me the part # for the two bolts that hold it to the radiator support? I know I can go to home depot and get the bolts there, but I'd like everything to be GM. Thanks

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Greeting all....

Ok I've searched and I know it's here... looking for the part number for my gas cap...




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Just goto Rock Auto and look up. It's an AC Delco part and you can buy from them.

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9 hours ago, SpaxeCowboy said:

I have a question what’s the difference between part number 12335659 is it the actual SS Bumper and part number 15139804 it says “cap. Frt Bpr Fascia Mldg but when searches up they both show me the front bumper cover I’m confused cause they have different prices. 

For some reason this thread, while meant to be helpful, hasn't got a lot of attention or responses to questions over the years. :(

Anyway SS bumper cover is 12335659, the actual steel bumper behind it ("impact bar") is 89045660, and there's a whole bunch of other smaller parts involved as well.  The second number you asked about, 15139804, is the bumper cap for a non-SS truck.

Here's a decent diagram, https://www.gmpartsdirect.com/auto-parts/2006/chevrolet/silverado-1500/ss-trim/6-0l-v8-gas-engine/body-cat/bumper-and-components-front-scat but you have to scroll down past the non-SS bumper to the SS diagram which will be obvious when you see the SS cover, ducts, etc.  Link is parts for an 06 so if your truck is older not all the #'s will be appropriate.


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