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Hey Frank & Chris... all I gotta say is: "VISA" ?????



Good one!! forgot all about that!!


the blower is fun!! cant wait to beat around town with it today. should prove interesting. I can tell you I dont wanna be at work, I wanna be out hunting wabbits!

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quick update

i called my insurance, and the other guy's insurance is a broker.. would take forever and a day to get reimbursed

so the claim is going on my insurance.. but according to my agent, it will not affect my rates


i may have a 0 dollar deductible since someting hit me.. comprehensive coverage.

i also get 25 bucks a day for a rental car.

im gonna get an estimate today, and have them pre order the parts and what not so they can have the truck as little as possible.


im also going to give this guy the courtesty of a phone call to tell him how much its going to cost to repair.

i will tell him to give me my deductible, unless i get the 0 dollar one.. id love to get 500 from him anyway, but i think that technically becomes fraud.

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Stick it in his ass and break it off!! Thats what he did to you by being to much of an idiot to strap down a load,I would be all over his insurance guy like stink on a monkey,calling him nonstop and making his life hell until he cut a check. It's not your fault or responsibility to take care of what that friggin jagoff did to you by being a complete moron. I'm not the lawsuit type but scare him with a lawyer talking about big dollar lawsuit,mental anguish,oooooooh my neck,my back,my neck and my back,I want a hundred and fifty thousand,but we can settle out of court now if you fix my truck!! sorry about the :rant:

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Guys it was good to meet some new faces and great to catch up with some of the regular guys. Cory, great transformation from last time I saw the truck, Kudos to you.


Chris, Great work on the interior, I had always seen pictures and it proves that you do clean work when in person they look better! (so many times it is quite the opposite) :thumbs:


chad, congrats on getting a ring on the girls finger.. now I hope she says yes!!! LOL ( I am sure she will)


Frank- (as I am getting ready to hop back into an LQ9 i wish you were staying in town to do the work for me, but I don't Think it will be the case! maybe ill fly you back in over the summer to do it over a week or so! who knows..


Glad to see you are all doing well and It reallly made me miss my truck. :banghead: ..... Thanks guys!



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