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Eclips CD-5000 Head Unit

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I love this unit CD 5000 Eclipes. It blows my the alpine away that I had hooked up. I'm still amazed on what just changeing the deck can do for your system. Just hooking it up fixed my sound stage and lifted it up right were it should be with crystal clear sound. The control over your system is just crazy. Even my sub has never hit harder and cleaner befor. I'm thinking thats the 8volt pre outs at work. All my gains are dead nuts 1/2 way now instead of comeing close to 3/4 .


I must say alpine has the best ipod control for searching for songs but Eclipes beats them hands down in the sound quality department. If only theres was a perfect deck.

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IMHO eclipse is one of the best names in audio equiptment for cars out there. unfortunately for the best, you also have to pay. keep in mind also, they (Fujitsu ten) also makes the best plasma screne tv for home entertainment as well. once again, the poor can't shop on madiso ave. Good choice IMO.

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If I am not going with a dual din gps setup I would probably pick this headunit up. Everything that I have read of eclipse is superb.except some issues i have read of the dual din screens but just nit picking.

the new 5100 unit is also very nice

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