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Sound Quality Questions

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Happy New Years everyone...........I have a coulple questions about sound quality.



1- Does useing an ipod degrade sound like I've heared on the web? If so is it like switching from XM radio to cd? You would think it would be great sound quality being it comes straight from itunes to your deck.


2- What is the best way to get your music for sound quality? ipod,MP3,WMA,AAC and what the heck is WMA and AAC. What about DVD?


Thanks for any feed back.

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It all depends on the compression algorithm used when encoding the music. WAV is the bit-for-bit recording off the CD, the other formats you mention are compressed in one way or another. I personally encode my own MP3s as variable bitrate >= 192 kbps but these are pretty large, an average CD takes about 70-100MB of space.


Mr. P. :)

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