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2003 Silverado SS production numbers


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17 hours ago, CJ Boston said:

I just had my 2003 SS stolen.  How can I find out how much the vehicle is worth. No cost can replace this truck as it was my very first vehicle.  I am the original owner for over 18 years.


Welcome to the forum, sorry it has to be under these particular circumstances. :(

Insurance company should be looking at ads for similar vehicles to yours, shouldn't be impossible for them to find several 2003 SS's for sale, to come up with a value.  2003-2005 are all pretty similar (although in 2005 you could get optional RWD instead of AWD) so you could broaden the search there a little bit, and compare miles as well.

Ebay has a 2003 SS with 85K miles that sold for $16K - it detailed up nicely but does show frame rust in the pics, surely affected the sale price. https://www.ebay.com/itm/334156756985

On the other hand here's a 2006 SS (RWD only) with only 3600 miles that appears to have sold for $47K but it's practically a brand new truck. https://www.ebay.com/itm/284452314443


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