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AWD VS Auto Trac

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Hey Guys.

Been on this board for ages, sold my SS last spring and am looking to get back into the game.


I am looking at a 2006 GMC Sierra Denali with the LQ9, 65Trans, AWD 20" wheels Etc etc!


I had dropped my SS when I had it, But am considering a lift with the Sierra Denali. Other than trasfercase, what is the difference between the Auto Trac and the AWD.

Are the diffs the same?

CV Joints the same?

Drive Shaft length?


ProComp, Fabtech,CST all makes lifts for trucks with auto track, but they don't specify AWD, but i know the systems work very similar to each other. Any any one see a reason why I might not beable to do a 6" lift on this truck?


Joe K

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We have a few lifted Sierra Denali's over on the Denali Truck forum Joe. Some say they get some vibration when lifting more than a couple of inches, then some don't have any problems going 3+ inches up.

You mentioned Autotrac, but are you aware all 2002-2007 Sierra Denali's come with the NVG149 AWD tcase that came in the AWD SS's?

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I am aware which is why I am asking what the differnces is other than the transfer case!


If there is an issue, I will just get a regular 1500 with auto trac and the vortech max. But I like the Denali looks and interior as well as awd and gear ratio's

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Pretty much the same other than the tcase and the front shaft is a little different.

Helped a guy swap the NVG149 into an Avalanche that had the Autotrac case. Had another guy that was collecting parts to do the Autotrac case INTO a Sierra Denali. (wants to smoke his tires!!!) Little more difficult that way since there are computer interfaces involved with the Autotrac clutch, while the 149 is all mechanical.


I'm doing a NVG149 swap into my wifes 04 Avalanche as soon as I can get the free time to do it. It is far superior to the Autotrac in wet and especially snow! Before I plow my driveway I usually play with the two trucks a little and the AWD is far better in the deep snow. Lots of fun though! :)

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