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There word story!

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Ok, I thought we could play the 3 word story game. Basically it works that each person adds 3 words to the last persons post, and you just keep a long long story going.. Heres the wikipedia definition:



Three word story is a game in which a story is built by multiple people, who use three words each turn. It is a common favorite of forum gamers, since it is easy to explain and play in a linear, structured fashion. An example game goes as follows:


* A fat man...

* ... walked into a...

* ... SSS and it...

* ... was very painful...


Punctuation is usually very uncommon in textual variants. The segmented nature of the story makes it easy to create seemingly-random plot twists that are only tangentially related to the last three words.



Anyways, I'll start it off:


One time, In...

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