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I need to know if anyone else has noticed this or if there is something starting to go wrong with my automatic climate control system.

Recently I noticed that if I fire up the HVAC system on manual just by hitting the fan switch or by jacking up the temp, it will come on and run for maybe 30 seconds then shut itself off again. If I start it up by hitting the auto button, it stays running just fine. I can even hit auto then adjust things so it is on manual control it stays running as well.

Brought the truck into the dealer today and they don't have any other Silverados on the lot with auto HVAC to compare it to. So I turn to my fellow SSS owners here on the site. Should I press the issue or is this normal operation? It really doesn't bother me too much but warranty is up pretty soon so if this is an abnormal condition I need to get it fixed.

Auto HVAC was standard on the SSS unitll 2005 I believe, so you guys must have some feedback for me.


Oh yeah, I checked with the sales dept while I was there today and they have a black AWD TrailblazerSS on order. They promised to call me the minute it comes in so I get first crack at it. I prolly can't afford to buy it right now but I will go romp the piss out of it (oops, I mean 'test drive it'). :chevy:

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