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Coincidence or.......


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Well guys this is how the story goes... Two days ago I was browsing the "net" on my cell phone, and so I decided to read my horoscope for shizz and giggles. This is what it said: There is some one that likes all side's of you and is getting ready to tell you everything: Low and behold, later on that same day I receive a text from a girl I work with telling me that she likes me and wants to be with me. The funny thing is that, I feel the same way about her. But she had bigger marbles then me and confessed. Now we are together and we love each other. I still can't believe it! I really love this girl,and she say's she loves me too. Her best friend told me that, Hannah my girl told her that she really loves me and cares for me alot.The only "thing" here is that she is 17 and I'm 21 but she doesn't care about age and neither do I . WOW all I can say is wow. That horoscope never even crossed my mind twice.....


So what do you guy's think about all of this?



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Congrats - I like hearing stories like yours, it reminds me of a couple things: 1) it's amazing what a winning/receptive/positive attitude can do, and 2) that hope springs eternal! It's great to hear you got off on a good foot with each other.


But I once read on a urinal wall in Modesto CA - "Remember, no matter how hot she looks there is some poor schmuck somewhere that can't stand her shit." :lol: So love her but always have a realistic view of who she really is, and what ever you do don't try to change her.


Mr. P. :)

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I was 17.......my wife was 14


We dated for 6 years, then married and this year will be our 20th anniversary


So you never know what can happen !


BUT your story sounds to mushy....your using the word LOVE to much. Be careful


Walk softly and carry a big dick !....oops I mean stick ! :thumbs:

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"brick ive been meaning to talk to you about that.... might wanna find a safehouse or a relative ya know, lay low for a while... your probably wanted for murder...."


or in your case being a petifile.. jk.... good luck!!!!!!!

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