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FS: 2003 Black SSS


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Hey Guys I need some help in moving this one. I really don't want to take the stereo out and I really don't want to take it to car max!!!


I put an offer in on a house today, not accepted yet but the truck has to go for financing to go through.


I am considering ALL OFFERS ON this truck


FULL STEREO, Show winning, DVD Entertainment ready, 147Decibles !!!!!

ZIPPY TUNE 400HP estimated



280 AMP ALTERNATOR (adjustable voltage)


3 optima batteries

160 degree stat

msd wires

nkg plugs

K+N Filter

FULL DYNYAMAT (roof, floor doors firewall etc etc pics to prove it) very quiet



Some one has to want this truck! You are some one you know is looking at them.

Truck is in storage ready to show!!!

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OK. I've resisted about as long as I can.


You have pictures of a supercharger. Still on the truck? What about other mods? What is still on it and what has been removed?


Aftermarket wheels. Still installed?


I can get a new Intimidator SS for GMS with $2500 cash back and use my truck as a trade. What is your bottom price? PM me if you don't want to post it here.





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Some one buy this truck!!!!!!






Crazy Joe's Truck Sales.......he doesn't like makin' money....he just loves to sell trucks!!!!


Man, where was that picture at when we were at Hooters!?!


.....oh yea, I am going to get Mark some personalized stuff (t-shirt/coffee mug) with 'Free Car Wash' on it for the next meet.....

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Rob, THat picture was taken last year, It was just a fun time and it is not often you can hold a glock and a 44 magnum in your hands at the same time.

A custom shirt for Mr warren would be great!!!! So dam funny!!..


INside joke for those that dont understand.

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