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Ok, sorry if this is a :repost: but man there's a lot of fuel threads. I have a 03 and am getting ready to do a Powerdyne. I was told by powerdyne that their kits come with a 37lb injector (they think) I bought a kit for a 99-02 with a FMU. My question for all of you gurus out there is: Are all 03's equipped with a return line? If so then I can use the FMU, or am I asking for trouble? I don't mind springing for the injectors, and really what I want is a mid to low 13 second truck. I run 14.80's now with only minor mods. I plan on installing headers, a 160 T-stat, and a cold air intake to hook up to my hood. Hopefully if I posted this in the wrong spot then someone will move it for me. Thanks!!



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