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What do you all have.


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Eclipse cd8454 8v cd/ms receiver


Front-MBQuart QSD213 Q-series 5 1/4 2way components

tweeters are on a-pillar/woofers are in stock location


Rear-MBQuart discus series 4x6


Subs- 2 Kicker 10l7 10" 4ohm dvc


PhoenixGold Ti500.4 500 watt 4 channel

birth sheet said it put out 320 watts bridged at 14.4v


RockfordPhosgate power T10001bd 1000 watt

birth sheet said it put out 1210 watts at 14.4v


Stinger 00 gage power wiring for Rockford amp

4 gage for PhoenixGold amp

fuses and fuse blocks are also stinger

12 gage speaker wire all around

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2 Eclipse titanium 15'' subs in custom fiberglass enclosure

Rockford fosgate t30001bd?

Alumapro cap 15

Batcap 400

2 glassmat batteries plus 1 under hood

200 amp ohio generator


MB Quart QSD216 components

MB Quart 3-way set not sure #'s

Eclipse XA4000 amp


Eclipse preamp only headunit don't know #'s


All 0 gauge wire through out


Plus 200 sq. ft. of soundproof mat and for gallons of liquid :cheers:

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Yellow top optima,Stock head unit,Fiberglass piece in front of console where the two pockets were with 7 inch monitor covered in vinyl to match console,DVD player mounted underneath cupholders,PAC line out converter,Two type E Alpine 10,s,Alpine M350 mono amp for subs,Sub box covered in vinyl to match back seat,1 farad capacitor. :chevy:

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Have the stuff, doing the install next week, after linex/tints..... I like to have my stuff as stock as possible whenever someone else works on my vehicle! If I don't have it, they cant steal it.


VOODOO 4G Amp Kit W 150A ANL

VOODOO 2.4 Farad Cap


Rockford Fosgate P1000bd

(2) 10" Kicker L5 in Ultra Deep by subthump.com

Fat Mat Sound Deadener (whole ext cab)


Near future:

Buy a used civic! or find someone that wants to trade me their civic for my accord!

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Just Like the Engine Forum, List what you have....

Here is the outline





Processing/ EQ:



Speakers and location:

Extras and Pictures:




250 amp alternator

3 Yellow Top Optimas

All Phoenix Gold Wire and RCA

Phoenix Gold 20 Farad Capacitor

Phoenix Gold DD10 Fuse station

Alpine DVA7996 DVD head unit

Alpine PXA H700 Eq

Concept 15inch monitor

3 Phoenix Gold 600.2 Ti amps

2 Phoenix Gold 500.4 Ti amps

Diamond Audio S500S components in Kickpanels

Diamond Audio S400S components in rear doors

Diamond Audio 6xm3 Midbass Kit in doors

3 Diamond Audio D6 12inch Dual 4ohm Subs (in the bed) :D


Note: 148 DB, High 200's SQ score!!













OMFG... :flag:

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Kicker SoloX 18

Two ZX2500's

0 Gauge

Valor indash (POS)

4 odyssey PC1700/65's

1 Yellow top optima

Dual 200 amp alts.

Custom box


153 DB at the headrests. (Please note this system was an SPL build)


Lol I have never hit that hard, but I did do a 142 with 1 15 at 26 HZ lol

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2 kicker 1200.1 amps

1 850.4 kicker mids/his amp

2 solo l7 12's

2 pioneer ts d160r 6 1/2

2 pioneer ts c160r 6 1/2

pioneer avh 7500 in dash tv

ps2 slim


gonna get an 220 alternator soon and some red tops


try to keep it short.



Hey I got a kicker zx1500.1 and 2 kicker 12" L7s and Im trying to power them without having any issues or any problems. I bought a yellow top optima D34/78 and the site said I could just swap the old battery out and put the optima in instead of having 2 batterys. I was wondering how yours is set up and what you would suggest and all? I plan on putting anothe kicker amp in to replace my factory speakers and add some neons but thats all i want to do. So anything helpful would be grateful thanks. Some people said I should get it done professionally but I prefer doing it myself. Thanks again.

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this is a VERY old post. and u dont need 2 batteries for that. i had the zx 1500.1 and w cvx 12's with the zx 700.4 with rs components, 5 far. cap and factory battery. didnt have problems but now i have a red top optima. u dont need 2 batts for that.


thats only 1500 rms. factory batterys can handle about 2000 rms without having issues. if ur afraid get a optima and some form of cap.

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Pioneer Avic-D3 dd dvd/nav head unit, Pioneer BT-200 bluetooth interface, Ipod interface, Pioneer 910 XM sat/traffic tuner, Pioneer voice recog 6-disc changer (in cntr console), Pioneer CD-RB20 aux ip-bus input, Pioneer ND-BC2 back-up camera, Alpine V12 300w 4-ch amp, Rockford 1000BD mono amp with Punch EQ remote, two sets of Infinity Kappa 6.5" components custom mounted in front doors, Infinity 6.5"co-axials (rear doors), Alpine Type R 12" subs (2) in custom steel/mdf enclosure w/false floor. All Monster Cable ZN interconnects.

Dual battery set-up w/PAC isolator, 1/0 ga cable with 200A ANL fuse and 4 way Maxifuse block, 1/0 ga. battery to chassis ground cables, 4 ga. alt to battery cable.

Directed dvd player (in cntr console), Directed 7" widescreen headrest monitors, 8" monitor in custom housing in front cntr console.


Here's the dual Infinity Kappa setup in the front doors:





This is the custom enclosure/false floor:











Here's with the factory cargo mat on top. With this set-up, I can have my subwoofer system and still have room to throw whatever I need to in the back. Plus it's stealthy and very hard to steal if someone were to break in:



The center console monitor:






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