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SS front bumper cover


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I want to put an SS bumper cover on my Silverado. How does it attach? I know I have to remove the lower valence, but what about the top piece on the bumper? also, are there more parts needed for the front other than the bumper cover and the 3 vent inserts? :confused:

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You need the front bumper cover, 2 air ducts (vents already installed in them from the factory), and the lower middle vent. There are a series of brackets that you will need to attach the cover. I'll get mine out later tongiht and give you the part numbers. There are about 8 or 9 I think.

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Here are the #'s for the brackets that hold the front bumper cover on.


You need:


(1) 15182637

(1) 15182636

(2) 15102447

(2) 15102448

(4) 15181856


It is kind of hard to explain exactly where they go, but I will try to take pics before I put the bumper cover on to give a better idea of where the brackets are located.

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