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Sick Boy

Step by step how to Clear 03+ Headlights

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A member (DGIEPSS) pmed me how to do this and asked if i can post here about it.

So here you are if intrested.



Want to know how to get that ugly yellow out the lense?






What is needed.


1. Two butter knives

2. Home oven

3. Hair dryer

4. Permatex Black Silicone Adhesive. (Waterproof and flexible. Temperature range -80°F to 450°F; resists oil, water, weather, vibration, grease.)ClearCorners0002.gif

6. X-acto knife

7. Wet cloth towel to keep your fingers clean of silicone.

8. Patience

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Total time: At lest 4 hours for all 4 head lamps.




First pre heat your oven to about 175-200F for about 5-10 mins, depending on the actual temperature of the oven. Leave the headlights in there until they are somewhat warm to the touch. Start at one end of the headlight, and use a dull object such as a butter knife or dull screwdriver to separate the headlights.


Start with your turn signal lamps. One at a time only.


Take out your butter knife and work it around the seam cutting the black OEM silicone. Start first with the inside part of the lense not the side with the yellow marker. Reason being that the yellow side is the hardest to get open becuse of the curvy joints. This is very important.





Get your hair dryer and heat up the silicone that is harder to get out. Here is shown the side i want you to work with first.





Once you have gotten most of the silicon loose around most of the lense gently try to pry open the inside lense first. Again use your hair dryer for the harder parts. *Note dont touch the silver inside or the inside of the clear lense. KEEP YOUR GREASY LITTLE FINGERS AWAY! =)


Use two knifes if it helps. *Note, Dont break of any tabs, they help you secure the headlight in place.




Try to pull it apart gently and it should look like this.


As you can see the yellow lense is still intact. Again, heat up that last spot to remove.





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Now pull apart once soft.




here you can see how the yellow marker is put together. One solid pice than can be easily taken out.







Remove any loose particals and major silicone that is left on both parts.


Now return both parts to the oven for another 5-10 min to soften up the silicon.




Take out and apply the Prematex Silicon around the Black case. Put a substantial amount! But be very carful to not let it over flow in your new nice shiny clear lense! This part take the utter most precision.:D


Now you can close the lense and put something heavy such as books on top so it can secure tightly.





Let it dry al least over night. Dont put them right away in your truck.


After the black silicon is dry you can cut any excess silicone that flowed over with an exacto knife.

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Now to the headlights


Put in the oven for 5-10 min.


TAKE OUT YOUR BULBS FIRST!!!!:idiot: I wouldnt let you put them in the oven with out tellin' you right?


Use the same procedure explained. Dont try to work the yellow part. Its more difficult.




Work around it, hold your headlight inplace.






The headlights are harder to take apart, keep on working and heating with the hair dryer!


Then walla!

Here i have already removed the yellow lense. I also had to remove the Black pice that is found with in the clear lense.



Then put it back in the oven.

Burn Baby Burn!



Now apply silicone:D




Let it sit over night.


Fullcure is actually 24 hrs.









Yes i am aware of the grammer mistakes but im being lazy and not fixing them untill i find the time. :happysad:

Edited by Sick Boy

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Its not risky at all. Its actually pretty simple, I finished mine in about 2&1/2 hours. I just need some more silicone for the parking lights.

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Do you place in a new clear lense...or just remove the old yellow/orange lense in this process? Overall that looks soo simple, and it looks sweet! That is an awesome how to.... and a relitively inexpensive upgrade! Thankx a lot. :thumbs:

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I just took mine out but I would recomend spraying the lense black or whatever color you prefer. I think that would look better but it would be a little bit more work

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I just took my parking lights out and redid them. Heres a warning, Seal them up the FIRST time %100. I didnt and they kept fogging up, which wasnt the bad part. When I seperated them, I noticed that they had a permanent black residue now. Its not that bad though, just a little bit of a tint to it.



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Great how to. :thumbs:


Im gonna re do mine, because I didn't seal them off good enough. :thumbs:

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Any one have pix of what this looks like at night? I like the clear look in the day time. I am thinking about doing this to mine. Did ya'll use an amber or clear blub for the parking lights.

Edited by mattbaer

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