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  1. *1st photo is the 22” rep and the 2nd photo is a factory 20”* I got a set of SS centre caps and they don’t correctly fit because there’s no ridge for the tabs to grab on to, the centre of the rep wheel is carved and bowl shaped. when I push the cap down half pops into place but the other half wants to come out because there’s no where for the tabs to go. I’ve asked on Facebook groups and looked all over the Google, I’m assuming the worst and I’ll probably have to cut the tabs and silicone it to the wheel or something ridiculous.
  2. Does anyone have a set of OEM SSS wheels for sale or trade for chrome 22's? Thx. SR
  3. As strange as it sounds, just one of my Chrome wheel caps got stolen overnight, would be nice to have an extra OEM set laying around just in case but looking for one to four caps in good condition, let me know what you have ?
  4. I found a used set of Intro Twisted Vista I's for sale a few hours away from me. They come with tires but the tires on them are junk so I would have to replace them. They are 20x8.5 and 20x10 for rear and they need to be polished. Any idea what I should offer for them or what would be a killer deal? Also, can anyone guarantee that 20x10 will clear the rear? The style of the wheel is like this (picture from google).
  5. I found a good price on some winter wheels, has anyone put these on one of our trucks? The Lug pattern is the same, just want to know if they would fit before I pick them up.
  6. I have been eager to get this news out and now after careful planing we are finally closer to making this a reality. just in case your wondering who I am my name is Carlos and i represent MRR Design wheels, we are the manufactures of the popular M228 wheels that have been blasted on almost every Camaro out in the streets. you can view all that info at the Camaro5 Forum. Now lets talk trucks !!! Guys we are now officially getting started in producing the M228 wheel ( Z28 style/ Chayenne style) for the Silverado applications. Im excited to announce this information as although there are plenty of popular truck wheels in the market i believe is about time someone produces a wheel that is dedicated for the Silverado platform. I attached a few pictures of the wheel we are talking about along with a original Cheyenne Pic for that visual. now here is where we need your help. size and width is a main concern so please share your thoughts and let us know what size you may prefer, I will post pictures on this thread of our process from 3D mold graphs to final product and then continue it to a pre order listing. We are considering 24x10 in all four corners maybe also a 24x11
  7. Hello. I currently own a 2006 Silverado Intimidator SS Dale Earnhardt Edition and I am in search of one chrome original rim as a replacement. I recently scraped a curb and damaged the driver side rear wheel. The other 3 are in good condition. Let me know if anyone has one lying around or possibly multiple. Please pass the word along. Thank you.
  8. Hello all hope all is well. Just removed my wheels to scrub off the winter grime and noticed that I have reproduction wheels and not OEM as I thought. I guess the center cap should have been a give-away, but I assumed that the center caps were after market on OEM wheels. Anyway, I stated this thread to separate OEM from aftermarket when it comes to OEM vs reproductions. I am assuming that I have reproductions because I have the SS centercaps, and I found MADE IN CHINA stamped on the back of my wheel. I have included some pictures that I have found around the internet to determine which centercaps / wheels are OEM and which are reps. My Center Cap: Back of Wheel: Which one of these are OEM? or Assuming that OEM wheels have a GM part number or casting number stamped on the back?
  9. Looking to buy an ss dash insert with silver emblem. If u have one or know where to buy one let me know I've been looking for one for quite some time and no luck ... Can pay good $$ and shipping also I'm in Denver CO txt 719 821 7188 PayPal ready also
  10. Just bought a sweet, one owner 1500 single cab short bed with 65k miles on it with a 5.3 and 3.73 gears and I'm gonna clone it. Any parts, anyone has for sale. Let me know what you have and pricing. $$-Salute
  11. For sale is a complete set of silver 22x10 SS OE Replica wheels with Hankook tires in mint condition. Both tires and wheels were purchased brand new 2 months ago. No bends, cracks, or curbage. Tires have less than 3,000 miles. Bolt Pattern - 6x5.5 22x10 - ET 30 CB - 78.1 285/45/22 Hankook Ventus ST Will also include the chrome conical seat lug nuts required for installation $1,600 OBO picked up. Located in 23455
  12. I have a 2003 Black AWD SS. The chrome on my wheels is so corroded they are not keeping air. (Thanks Iowa winters.) I have grinded/brushed the rims down a couple times, but they are beyond repair. Can someone please offer up some of the best options? I would like to possibly go to 22s, but would be happy with a great 20" option. Here is what I see so far, in no particular order or logic (some of these may be stupid ideas...please let me know): Send rims away to be refinished - I have heard this is an option. I can't imagine it is all that cost effective. (and I would need wheels in the mean time). This has been suggested to me several times. Anyone have any experience or recommendation here? Buy replicas - I have a buddy who did this. He gave me the guy's handle here on the forum, but I am not allowed to search members? I must be too new?? He mentioned norcalss. Does anyone have any other good recommendations? Buy new...any style - I am struggling with this. I am a fan of rims as much as anyone, but I would really like to stay true to the original SS look. I am pretty much over chrome. I have seen some nice options online that are close, but again I don't want to stray too far. I am leaned towards brushed or super polished. Buy new...other Chevy style - I am going to contact some dealerships. There have been some killer custom options lately on the suburbans and tahoes. Might try to pick up a set from a dealer? I did that once before on an '08 Silverado that I had. Put the factory Tahoe wheels on that someone else had ditched for custom wheels when they bought theirs. This would stray from the original SS look, but would stay in the Chevy camp. Buy new...'08 Tahoe era - There is a place in town where I can get a new set of '08 era Tahoe wheels. I really like the looks of them, but I am afraid it would make the SS look too much like a Tahoe or a stand Silverado. Please give me your thoughts and options. I have seen some nice looking wheels in some people's avatars. I might start trying to hit them up. THANK YOU!
  13. I'm currently looking to replace my aftermarket 22's for factory OEM chrome wheels. I am located in South Florida for the next six months before I head back to North Carolina. Hit me up ASAP I'm ready get my SS back to the original look.
  14. I was wondering if there was a quality difference between the actual OEM SS Silverado chrome wheels or the replicas? I could see how the OEM ones would probably have better durability but I thought I'd ask and see what you guys knew about the two so I'd know. Thanks!
  15. I'm on the hunt for a set of nice 22" replica wheels in Texas. Would like to find someone close by Lubbock TX (Willing to travel a little) who is looking for a stock set of OEM silvers wanting to get rid of the 22"s so it would be a simple trade off. Depending on the situation (New tires, etc) I may be willing to throw in some money on top of the stock 20"s. Lemme know what you got!
  16. I have a set of 4 SS stock wheels with center caps for sale from my 2003 Silverado. The photos were too big to upload, but email me at [email protected] and I can send them to you. They are in good shape, some minor wear, but no curb rash, chips, or cracks. Price is $600 plus shipping. I can meet you if you're in the Denver area.
  17. Hey guys I need some help on what wheels to get for my truck. The wheels pictured on my truck now came with it when I bought it. Not real crazy about them, I want it to have more of a factory look. Def want to stay with the 22's, but I am torn between the tbss or sss reps. Also even more torn on what finish, chrome, silver, or competition grey. I know this has been discussed on here a lot, but wanted some opinions from the experts who have seen one of these options in person, there are no blue ss's in my area, and I kind of like that. I am leaning towards the silver sss 22 reps, they would match the ss badges and the grey in the front bumper. I do not want black, and my truck is an 03 awd with a 2/2 drop.
  18. Hey everyone, I've got a set of wheels off my 03 Silverado. They are in pretty good shape. I was able to retrieve them from the previous owner of my truck and haven't personally got a chance to put them on. Now, I am in process of selling my truck (sad ) and would like to get rid of these. All center caps are present, one has minor scratches, the chrome part of the center caps appear to have a stain of some sort or scratches (see pictures). A couple of the wheels have some minor rash. They are located in Tulsa, OK and since shipping is nuts on wheels I'd be willing to meet half way, within reason and for the right amount of money. I'm asking $700 and will consider offers. Thanks for your time.
  19. STILL HAVE THE HOOD 03 SS, I have the stock exhaust cat-back. SOLD I have a stock black hood. Stock 20" wheels painted gun-metal. SOLD make offer... LOCAL PICKUP ONLY it wont let me uplaod the pics. if interested message me
  21. Hi guys...Brand spanking new to the site, but looking for some stock silver 20's. Decent tires attached would be a bonus, but not a deal killer. Thanks for looking and please let me know if if have a set of 4 for sale.
  22. Had a slip in the ice and broke a wheel. Please help
  23. Had my stock wheels done at work. Kinda wondering if i should have went with a flat black.
  24. Dont get me wrong....I love my wheels and how they look on my SS but Im thinking of getting the stock 20" chrome wheels or replicas, no silver ones, only chrome. I bought my SS about 2 months ago and it only came with the 24" wheels. The tires are Kumho tires, probaby 80 to 90% life left. Front wheels are showing very very small chrome flaking where the spoke meets the rim. Shout at me if you are interested. I would also consider 20" LTZ chrome or polished 5 spoke wheels like off the Tahoes.If i get the right deal i will go for it. Thanks!
  25. I am looking to trade my 24" GIO custom black powdercoated wheels and tires for a set of silverado ss Or trailblazer ss wheels and tires, preferably 22" but open to 20". I am just looking for a change. These wheels and tires cost me $3600 but I am just looking for a strait up trade. Pattern is the same as ss wheels 6x5.5. Wheels are in great condition and 2 tires are new and the others have about 60% tread. Pm me and let me know what ya got. Here is a link to pics.... http://m73.photobuck...ls.jpg.html?o=9
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