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Found 15 results

  1. Hey all, I bought an '03 AWD Silverado SS about a month ago. Only 136,000 miles for $12k and she runs great, or at least did. Trying to figure out if my recent muffler delete is causing the trans to have mushy shifts. It was a home hacksaw job from a buddy of mine just for fun but I've never had issues with muffler deletes in the past. I'm taking it to get a Flowmaster Super 40 or 44 put on next week hoping that solves the issue. Has anyone else ever encountered this? Would lack of back pressure on the LQ9 make a torque difference?
  2. I have a 2011 GMC 6.6 Duramax four-wheel drive The front end is whining and I don't understand where it could be coming from. I have it in two wheel drive and the whining is annoying I put it in four-wheel drive the winding goes away.
  3. Before I start this I should point out that I am in fact not a Transmission specialist. I am a general tech who just happens to dabble in everything and try new things. That being said, if any actual Transmission Techs out there want to chime in with pointers, correct me, add stuff, whatever...please do so. I'm not a genius and i'm also writing this up months after i actually did it, so i may have missed something or typed it wrong. I'm not going to cry if you criticize me, I care more that the correct info is out there for the people who need it. The following how-to is a step by step process of how to change out your transmission Output Shaft. This is actually part of a massive retrofit I'm doing over HERE to swap AWD into my RWD SSS. In case you didn't know, the only major difference between an AWD and RWD transmission in your SSS is the output shaft. The RWD has a longer Output Shaft because it has a tail housing going directly to the driveshaft. The AWD has a short "stub" shaft that goes into the NV-149 Transfer Case adapter, then T-case, which connects to the driveshaft. Anyone who has tried to put high HP into their truck knows that these transmissions are actually utter crap and can't handle power. Quick bit of history. The silverado used to use the 4L60E, but due to increases in power, especially with the SS version, they revised it into the 4L65E. A few revised parts here and there, and boom a transmission that can still barely handle the power being put into it. Most everyone has had their transmission go out or had a friend's who's did. 70,000 miles here...intake, exhaust, daily driver. Don't get discouraged though, a good reputable builder can build you a 4L65E that can last. Anyway back on point, one of the many weak parts in this transmission is the AWD output shaft. So the long RWD shaft while put under stress actually flexes a bit to help alleviate said stress. The shorter AWD shaft though does not, so when said stress is exerted, say hundreds of pounds of torque suddenly applied, the shaft will just straight break. Luckily you can find shot-peened, cryo-treeted, electrical induction treated, billet, etc shafts all over the internet. Now if you decided to tackle an output shaft replacement/swap you'll find that the ouput shaft is actually close to the back of the transmission and 3/4 of the guts have to be removed to get to it. A real pain, but not all that hard. Much easier than a full transmission rebuild. If you have a manual and patience this can be done in a few hours. For my purposes though i have to replace the RWD long shaft with the short AWD shaft for my build.
  4. Today my 03' SS started to shift very heavy. From 1-2 it would rev pass 3k. The shift time was very high pass 5sec which is not suppose to do. 2-3 is fine and 3-4 is good also. But than coming to a stop she will stay in 4th gear and not drop down to first. If I manually down shift she will give me first than I shift to second and she's good and so on but that's manually shifting her and she shifts perfect. So the transmission could have not gone out. I do not race in her I don't just randomly dog her around everywhere. I don't even daily her. Was just a good day to drive her and started acting up. I've seen millions of forums and googles and searched everywhere and get different answers which is a headache. ***I hear that my transmission needs a rebuild...than I hear it's a wiring problem....than they say it's a PCM problem...if not that it could be a speed sensor. All that is done to her is a Torquer v2 cam Circle D 3600 converter 243 heads with .660 lift springs Tbss Intake manifold/ tbss throttle body 1 7/8 long tube pace setter headers Volant CAI If anyone could give me any info that would be a big help. Thanks
  5. I purchased my 03 SS in January of 15' and it has always shifted a little slow, it hasn't gotten much worse since I flushed it and added lucas tranny stop slip to it. But the 2nd to 3rd shift is still not very healthy. I'm wondering if anyone has rebuilt these transmissions? I thought about maybe putting a very mild shift kit in as well when I have it all apart. I need suggestions on what rebuild kit to purchase, and any advice to which shift kit to install, or if thats a bad idea. I do body work for a living, but I have a very skilled mechanic friend who will be helping who has rebuilt a few transmissions before.
  6. Hey guys hoping someone can shed some light on the topic I'm sure it's been beaten to death on here but iv sat down with a shop and end result is going to be 500-550hp but in talks nothing has been brought up about Trans work is the stock Trans even able to handle that hp or is there some things I need to be looking at changing ? New to this all so I would apreciate the help
  7. Having issues with my trans on 2004 ss truck, awd. No reverse. What would it cost to relace?
  8. So Friday night on my way home out of no where my tranny threw out of gear redlined and all 4 tires locked. Thank god I was only going 40 on a back road and didnt flip. So no the question is what could have caused this. My mods are headers, intake, corvette servo, and tune. Anybody have any ideas of what could be my problem?
  9. So I am planning on swapping to a 4L80e and a guy is selling a built one, but it has a stand alone ECM and wiring. So I am wondering if this is a good way to go or not. Also if I did go this route would the transmission Temp Gauge work or would I have to do something to get it to work. Any info would be great. Thanks!
  10. I was looking for a 4l80e and a scrap yard is offering me one for 650. Is this a good price? Located in Saskatchewan must also be taken into consideration.
  11. My transmission is starting to slip on occasion and I'm going to start to gather the parts to do a rebuild\upgrade. I have very moderate mods and don't plan to do much in the future. Bone stock except: CAI Magnaflow dual in dual out exhaust. Future mods will be long tubes and tune. I pull a 6500-7000lb camper a couple of times per year and a 2500lb bass boat a good bit spring\summer\fall and need something that can take the towing. I was looking at this kit after and brief google search, any experience with these guys, I know I see FLT talked about all the time but that's out of my price range right now. http://www.monstertrans.com/store/products/4L60E%7B47%7D4L65E-Transmission-Rebuild-Kit%2C-SS-Monster%252dIn%252dA%252dBox%3A-2003%252d06.html Suggestions on upgrade\rebuild kits or components? Thanks, Stephen
  12. Getting ready to do a flush on my transmission and change the oil in the diffs and the transfer case. I just need to know how much fluid i need for the transmission, how much oil i need for the front/rear diffs, and how much for the transfer case. Already decided to use Mobil 1 just unsure of how much to buy.
  13. This is my 2006 Silverado 1500 LT with the L33 5.3L Vortec, 4L60E trans, Volant CAI, and Cortex Superchips Tune. (on lift, not actual level.) Last year about this time my transmission bit the dust. my 2-4 split had seen better days. Although i know exactly why it went ;). Anyways I have had a need for speed and am wanting to make my silverado a pony pusher. I eventually want to get a cam but still havent decided. But i saw on summit racing some shift kits for my truck and didn't know what was good and what wasn't. And I also have looked at a stall York 3000, I think(it has been a while since i last looked). I was wondering if this is; A. nessicary, and; B worth the money.
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