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Found 8 results

  1. 11-14-2019 So it’s that time again ladies and gentleman. As many of you know I made and sold the adapter brackets to mount Z06 Corvette calipers on Silverado SS trucks using Baer disks. The first batch I made was almost 9 years ago. I’ve made more smaller batches along the way. Currently I am sold out of the adapter brackets. I was not planning on making any more due to more than a few reasons. For starters, all my contacts and hookups at machine shops have either moved on or changed fields. I will no longer be able to get any discounted rates for small batches of the machine work, the raw materials, hardware or anodizing. This means I will have to do one single large batch. That means I will have to put out more than $10,000 to make a batch. That is significantly more than what i paid years ago. Now I don't have anything close to enough to sink that much money into these brackets. But I have had more than a few people recently persistently asking about purchasing brackets. So to help offset the initial cost I will be offering them to anyone that purchases them before they are finished at a discounted price. Pre-sale price Front and rear $400 Front only $250 Rear only $200 After pre-sale price Front and rear $450 Front only $275 Rear only $225 Here is a link to the How-to I wrote for anyone not familiar with this upgrade. You can also contact me at [email protected] if you are not a member here. But I would highly suggest joining so you can be part of the forum/community. There are a lot of really good guys on here with a lot of helpful knowledge. Currently the front brackets are being made. I still have a limited number of rear brackets from the last run. More rear brackets will be made shortly after the current batch of front brackets are done. FYI, this very well could be my last so get them while you can and spread the word. If you refer anyone that buys a set of brackets and they mention your name, I’ll send you a few bucks for your time. 11-19-19 12-4-19 Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving. So the forum went down for a bit but it’s back up. Had a few people panic. Don’t worry gentlemen. Even if the forum were to go away, you will all get tour parts. I’ve been selling these brackets for nearly a decade. Even when USPS busted open a box with two full sets and wouldn’t refund my money, I made sure the customer still got his. Anyway, front brackets are back from machine shop. Waiting on anodizing shop at this point. There is a bit of a back up due to a huge order ahead of me. They estimated late December. I’m currently working on getting rear brackets machined. Might be able to get them done before fronts are anodized, but don’t know for sure. 12-27-19 Rear brackets have been started !!! 1-10-20 Pre-sale is closed. Thank you to everyone for your patience. This forum is full of some really great people and a lot of great info. There were a couple of delays with the anodizing shop, but all the brackets sold during the pre-sale have shipped. If you missed out on the pre-sale, I still have more. Contact me [email protected] I will get back to you ASAP.
  2. Hello all, I am fixing to bite the bullet on collecting parts for a swap. The truck it is going in is a RCSB v6 2007 classic (03-06 body style). I am very picky about my truck and want it to be a clean swap so when it is done it looks OEM. This is pretty much the only forum I trust about doing things the right way so I figured I'd ask. For those of you who have done this swap before or have any pointers I would love to hear about it, perhaps it will help me and others down the road. I am curious as to which accessories will work/not work from my v6 along with other issues to watch out for. A parts list would be great! Thanks guys!
  3. Before I start this I should point out that I am in fact not a Transmission specialist. I am a general tech who just happens to dabble in everything and try new things. That being said, if any actual Transmission Techs out there want to chime in with pointers, correct me, add stuff, whatever...please do so. I'm not a genius and i'm also writing this up months after i actually did it, so i may have missed something or typed it wrong. I'm not going to cry if you criticize me, I care more that the correct info is out there for the people who need it. The following how-to is a step by step process of how to change out your transmission Output Shaft. This is actually part of a massive retrofit I'm doing over HERE to swap AWD into my RWD SSS. In case you didn't know, the only major difference between an AWD and RWD transmission in your SSS is the output shaft. The RWD has a longer Output Shaft because it has a tail housing going directly to the driveshaft. The AWD has a short "stub" shaft that goes into the NV-149 Transfer Case adapter, then T-case, which connects to the driveshaft. Anyone who has tried to put high HP into their truck knows that these transmissions are actually utter crap and can't handle power. Quick bit of history. The silverado used to use the 4L60E, but due to increases in power, especially with the SS version, they revised it into the 4L65E. A few revised parts here and there, and boom a transmission that can still barely handle the power being put into it. Most everyone has had their transmission go out or had a friend's who's did. 70,000 miles here...intake, exhaust, daily driver. Don't get discouraged though, a good reputable builder can build you a 4L65E that can last. Anyway back on point, one of the many weak parts in this transmission is the AWD output shaft. So the long RWD shaft while put under stress actually flexes a bit to help alleviate said stress. The shorter AWD shaft though does not, so when said stress is exerted, say hundreds of pounds of torque suddenly applied, the shaft will just straight break. Luckily you can find shot-peened, cryo-treeted, electrical induction treated, billet, etc shafts all over the internet. Now if you decided to tackle an output shaft replacement/swap you'll find that the ouput shaft is actually close to the back of the transmission and 3/4 of the guts have to be removed to get to it. A real pain, but not all that hard. Much easier than a full transmission rebuild. If you have a manual and patience this can be done in a few hours. For my purposes though i have to replace the RWD long shaft with the short AWD shaft for my build.
  4. Hey guys. I am looking do a red led conversion on my gauge cluster. has anyone just bought a kit and if so where did you find it? anything I should know or pay extra attention to? Any info would be helpful. Thanks in advance guys.
  5. I think its time to tackle the LED swap and I was just wondering where you guys would recommend ordering LEDs for the cluster and the AC controls? I'm not sure if it would matter or not but I'd hate to order some cheap ones and they burn out lmao. Thanks!
  6. Okay guys I have a lq9 6.0,and I want to swap out the intake manifold and slap on a ls3 intake manifold. I heard around the block that its just bolt on and a simple plug n play. I know I'll need ls3intake manifold of course with a ls3 throttle body. And the fuel rails. If I'm missing something here please do tell me and if its a simple plug and play. Thanx
  7. So I am planning on swapping to a 4L80e and a guy is selling a built one, but it has a stand alone ECM and wiring. So I am wondering if this is a good way to go or not. Also if I did go this route would the transmission Temp Gauge work or would I have to do something to get it to work. Any info would be great. Thanks!
  8. I have been considering a 4.3 V6 to 6.0 Swap for my 2007 single cab classic but was wondering if any of you who have done this knew around how much labor and costs this could add up to? Also how much money would I be able to make back up by selling the parts taken off along with the V6 motor when replaced with ones for the new motor (Transmission, PMC, Motor Mounts, Fuel Lines, etc)? My truck as of now has around 43k miles on it so that might give you guys an estimate on how much I would be able to sell the parts I took off for. Thanks!
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