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Found 20 results

  1. Went to beaver spring raceway today and ran a 10.88 @125.26 on 20 lbs of boost she still has a lot left in her ...
  2. Anyone have ss cladding parts for sale or any spare parts you have available mostly looking for brackets and lower 06 bumper grille honeycomb
  3. As strange as it sounds, just one of my Chrome wheel caps got stolen overnight, would be nice to have an extra OEM set laying around just in case but looking for one to four caps in good condition, let me know what you have ?
  4. Greetings and salutations everyone. I am selling my Silverado SS posters, keychains, and Matchbox Truck. I think $50 shipped is more than fair for all this great stuff! You only get the posters, not the frames. Send payment to [email protected] via PayPal.
  5. I’m looking for a two piece driveshaft for my 2003 intimidator SS
  6. 2004 Silverado ss,pics added,ram air style hood,volant airbox,22in. Wheels,TB ss airbag,clean leather awd 179k miles mostly highway 11,500 or best offer text for pics 219 359 6067
  7. Hi guys, this is my first post on SilveradoSS.com. I have been following the site for awhile though, but I am a noob here so I apologize in advance for anything out of the rules. So far this site has been a tremendous help to me with my trucks. I have a truck I need to sale and I figured the best place would be here hoping to find someone who truly appreciates these trucks. I recently acquired 2 Silverado SS's (2003 & 2006) and decided to keep the 2003 since I liked it a little better and it was the AWD model. I have a 2006 Silverado SS 2wd for sale. I bought this truck about 2 months ago the same time I bought the 2003 I am currently driving. I had already bought the 2006 and decided I wanted the 2003 so I am selling the 2006. I bought this truck off of a friend of my dads who is an older gentlemam who is a car collector. The truck had sat in my dads storage building for the last year and a half not being driven. He was keeping it to give to his grandson for his 16th birthday, but his grandson didn't want the truck. (I know right) I thought I was pretty knowledgable on these trucks with previous family members owning them and always owning Silverado trucks. I didn't really look over the truck too much when I bought it or ask many questions as I normally would buying a used vehicle since it was a friend of the family. I didn't know they offered a 2wd version in 2006 until I had already purchased it and I was pretty set on having the AWD version. The only thing I have replaced that I have noticed that needed to be replaced was the fuel sensor on the tank. It had went bad and had caused the fuel pump to continually kick off when trying to pump gas. Other than that the truck runs and drives great and still feels fresh for an older truck. Odometer 118,704 (miles may differ slightly as my dad is currently driving the truck occasionally) The truck is currently sitting in my dads storage building. Located in Western Kentucky. Sorry for the dirty photos, I live in Nashville and haven't had the chance to get back up to KY to detail it. I'm asking $14,500 for it. Not interested in trades. 270.519.3509 Thanks!
  8. Hello SS lovers, just picked up my new SS Special Edition Intimidator. Was on the net looking around for accessories and ran across this website. I love my new truck and just had to show it to somebody. Looking forward to other SS owners to fellowship with.
  9. I'm looking for 2005 Silverado SS silver birch grill. It needs to be in mint condition!!!! If you have one please add pic. Thanks.
  10. Yep, I'm selling my ZHAULR. I don't have to sell her, but if doing so puts my family in a better position financially then it's the smartest thing I can do right now. $13.2K OBO. KBB puts her at $14.2K in her current condition. I know I won't ever get what I've put into her so please no low-ball offers. Buyer pays for shipping. Call or text if your interested: Chris H. 979-637-0634 Details: Located in Williamsburg, VA 23188 2003 Silverado Super Sport AWD, Arrival Blue 6.0ltr LQ9 motor 128.5K on the clock Mods: Man fan delete/Electric fans form '05 Silverado PCM tuned for performance and electric fans by PCM for less 160 degree t-stat NGK TR-55 plugs Taylor wires Volant Cold Air intake with ram air scoop Flowmaster 10 series custom exhaust before axle Billet 5-piece front grill Billet fuel door Power Slot front brake upgrade (fronts are 14" rotors) Hawk HPS pads Nitto 420S tires (approx 4K mi on them) 285/50-20s KYB mono-max shocks up front, gas-adjust rears Goodridge stainless steel braided brakes lines Trailer brake control module (new, but not installed remote start from Avitol) (new, but not installed rear LED center brake light, Bully dog) The truck runs strong as an ox. 345hp/380tq from factory. With the mods and tune she should be around 365/400 now. I have no issues pulling my 2k lb trailer and the 3600lb camaro behind her.
  11. SOLD! I'm putting my 2003 Silverado SS roller up for sale. The truck was built by Jon at DBRods in Austin, Texas, I ran the truck for about a year and have decided to build something different. The truck is basically a complete truck except engine/trans. I can also deliver the truck to pretty much any where in Texas, and can work out delivery with a buyer else where. Please feel free to ask any questions or request more pictures. The truck has only been to the track once (was built for the street) and went 12.4x @ 130 with very very poor traction due to very bad track prep, non slicks, and poor burnout. The truck should cut 1.5 maybe 1.4 60' consistently with slicks and the right power plant. Please E-mail me at [email protected] Specs. -2003 Silverado SS, Black, Originally AWD w/ roughly 128,000 miles -DBRods 4-Link suspension with Strange Coilovers -Moser Fab-9" 35 spline axles, 4.10 gears, Spool -Front Coilovers (strange), Tubular lower control arms, RWD Swap -DBRods 20 Gallon Aluminum Fuel cell -Complete fuel system (to engine) Areomotive A1000 Fuel Pump, 100 Micron Pre and 40 Micron post filters, -8 feed and return line, black nylon braided hose System has only run E85 -5x4.75 wheel bolt pattern Swap -18" ZR1 knock off wheels, rears have bad tiers, Fronts +90% tread -15"x10" Jegs 5-Stars with M&H 390's (~50% tread remaining) -Interior has stock style cloth non power front seats (SS seats are gone but still has center console), rear seat area is gutted. Air fuel gauge in center console, and Areoforce gauge in over-head bin (no nitrous gauge included) -Widened wheel tubs using stock inner wheel wells & new bed liner -Stock engine wiring harness that has been stripped to essentials (no O2 sensors, oil level, coolant level, and a few other things) -Rear mounted battery w/ cutoff switch on rear bumper, and Jumper leads in Fuel door -Drive Shaft (2-piece) for 4L80e -Trans Crossmember for 4L80e -2SOONJR plates not included Optional -Custom DBRods 2" Primary headers w/ 3.5" collectors ($1200 obo) -Custom DBRods 3" x-pipe exhaust with 2 Magnaflow 16" mufflers (500 obo) Pics 4-Link Lower control Arms/front coilovers Wheel Tubs/bed liner Jumper posts Exhaust At TX2k12
  12. So I got my SS end of last year with some les schwab 17" specials on it and knew as soon as summer came around i would have to get new "correct" size wheels and tires so after about 2 months of hunting for an oem set of ss wheels and coming up empty handed ( or paying about 2k just for the wheels, which i dont have lol ) I pretty much gave up and started looking at other options and came accross the tahoe ltz wheels on clist and picked them up. After searching the internet for what seemed like days i couldnt find but 1 or 2 crappy pics of a silverado ss with ltz wheels so heres mine with them mounted for any one thats considering it. my only gripe is that the offset is higher on the ltz so they stick in about a half inch more than the stock ss wheel but not enough to look goofy imho. anyways heres pics, enjoy. old wheels that came with it - New ltz's
  13. First off I'll start with I am from Alberta Canada so keep that in mind when you give me part information and want to buy information thank you let's start now I have a 2003 SS and am New to the site I was just wondering I am looking to install an aftermarket sunroof in my Silverado SS is the only option that this one didn't come with and I want one really bad I looked for truck With One but the only ones I could find is A 2 wheel drive or red and I wanted a black or a blue and had to be an awd So I know there's two different brands that are good quality Xcell want to top-of-the-line just like factory quality I know there is webasto there is also inalfa And I realize they range $1100-$1300 now my question is where can I find these and does anybody know of a place around medicine Hat alberta canada that would do it or Do I just find a place and make sure that they know what they're doing and have done one before and everything was there certain places that do them I will travel for a bit to find a place that will do one I mean my SS is my baby so it deserves the best So I guess my main question is where do I get the sunroof and parts from I want to buy the parts and everything before I find somebody to install it can anybody give me any help with that and the more the merrier so more places the merrier thank you very much and keep SS in on thanx Shorty
  14. Cool vid. I was wondering what kinda mods to the tranny?
  15. Wanting to do kind a of a video of pictures and videos of the silverado ss on my youtube channel and am wanting to get some volunteers for photos and pictures. I made a educational video on the 73-87 silverados on my channel link below. Kind of like paying a tribute to the best lookin trucks out there. Let me know if your interested. Youtube user: Offroadunleashed Vid link: watch?v=sI6kHSNM4N4
  16. Well, thanks all for the nice welcoming. The names Jose, finally decided to join in on all the fun. I have a 2006 Silverado SS that was once my dream truck when they first came out. Luckily, i got it brand new, so i know exactly what it's been through. Looking to eventually build, and someday have it as "bad ass" as most of your trucks that i've came across. 2006 VIctory Red Silverado SS Custom Paint, now two toned charcoal gray top half, red bottom half w/true airbrushed flames Functional Ram Air Hood Hypertech Max(soon to change and have Wheatly tune) Exedy Racing Clutch, shift kit, and corvette servos Aem brute force intake Custom IMCO racing Exhaust Zapco 1100M Amp, Zapco 4100 amp, Zapco SP4 EQ Kinetic Battery Kicker 10" CVX subs in custom ported fiberglass box under backseat, Wetsound Audio components(testing for my boat)
  17. One Owner 2003 Silverado SS AWD. 47,000 miles, black, excellent condition. $18,000. Might consider trade for Street Glide. P.M. me for info and pics or txt/call 765-623-1256. located in central Indiana.
  18. One Owner 2003 Silverado SS AWD. 47,000 miles, black, excellent condition. $18,000. Might consider trade for Street Glide. P.M. me for info and pics or txt/call 765-623-1256. located in central Indiana.
  19. Hi, I'm looking for at least one, but will take a set of four, of the center hub caps that cover the lug nuts on a 2003 Silverado SS. The paint has started to peel off (my husband says it's because I wash it too much) the outer part of the cap. The center most part looks like chrome and has fake (painted) hex nuts on it. Overall diameter is approx. 8", maybe 7". Please let me know if you can help me out. Thank you, teddybear7934
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