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Found 1 result

  1. Well, I just picked up an '03 last night that needs some serious attention. It was salvaged in 2012 out of Texas and eventually made it's way to California. The previous owners did the usual crappy upgrades and didn't take care of the truck underneath. I got a great price for it, and have already spent a bunch of money on parts. If anyone is interested, I'll document what I do along the way. The good The engine looks to be stock, other than the standard exhaust and a K&N intake. I need to dive into the motor more in depth, but it passed CA smog, so it's can't be too bad. The interior, other than lack of maintenance, isn't in horrible shape. Seems to have plenty of power and no codes or lights (the dash is jacked, so lights may be broken) Salvage was for a rear impact and damage to the bed. The frame is straight and the bed was replaced, so no issues there. The bad Needs a thorough cleaning. The truck sat for about 3 years collecting dust and spiderwebs At some point the truck was painted, and it wasn't great. It needs a paint job The motor, trans, and diffs need a fluid change - no problems, but I don't know when it was done last. Needs a tune-up - wires, plugs, etc... Suspension work - I think it just needs new bushings, ball-joints, tie rod ends, etc. - the basic rebuild. It's been lowered at some point, so I needs to investigate and make sure nothing is broken or binding. Headlights, tail-lights - new quality housing are already on the way, and I'm going to use tint film to darken them up. The HID only headlights are beat-up and needs to be replaced. One tail light housing is cracked, so I'm replacing them as well. I'm going to be switching over the all LED bulbs, lower amperage is never a bad thing on older, heat cycled wires. A new dash is already on the way too. I got a 7K rpm, 140mph Escalade dash with blue LED...doesn't look tacky, and it's programmed with the VIN and mileage, so it's plug and play. Some of the HVAC, steering wheel, and door control lights are out. I'm going to send them all off to have the bulbs replaced. I'm probably going to have them replaced with light blue bulbs to match the cluster. I need to see what it looks like before I commit though. At some point a security system with remote start was installed, and seems to be working well. I need to get some info on the model and look it up. I'm probably going to replace it with a new system since all the wiring is already there. It looks like a shop did it, so it should be a pretty simple swap. The spray-in bed liner is flaking off, so a lot of sanding, grinding, and chipping is in my future. I'm going to use raptor liner when it's time to do it. I've used it in the past and it's pretty good with the right prep. New stereo is coming too. It came with an old JVC head unit. I'm replacing with a 10.1 inch android unit. I know it's not necessarily classy, but I'm a computer geek and I want my tech. It also comes with the added benefit of displaying gauges from the OBD2 at startup. I'll be using the GPS speedo on it until the new cluster comes There are Audison speakers in the front doors. I'm not sure if all the speakers are Audison, so I need to investigate. Will probably switch out for a full system at some point, nothing crazy, but I like quality sound. The heated seats don't work, so i need to replace something...probably the heating pads Miscellaneous interior things need fixed, replaced, bought....pocket liners, etc.. I'm a little OCD, so things like that drive me nuts. New battery - the dealer put an undersized battery in it and no hold-down, so I'll be putting an Optima in it Future mods CAM - nothing crazy, but enough to support additional HP Pin the crankshaft Supercharger - not married to a brand, so I need to look at other builds to see what I want Headers, and exhaust swap - needs to be CA "compliant". I'm pretty sure it's illegal to swap exhaust out to get smogged and swap it back ? Eventually i'm going to get a GM performance block and build it with aftermarket performance parts. i'll rebuild the original and keep it for a backup/resale value. That's down the road though. Well I think that's a good start. Most of this will be done in the next few weeks as parts come in. The engine and suspension will probably take a little longer to diagnose potential problems. I need to drive it around to figure out what the issues are. If anyone has any recommendations or insight into things I need to pay attention too, please let me know. I've read through the How-To section and tried to find postings on things I was unaware of, but didn't really see anything.
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