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Found 6 results

  1. I have a 112 radix unit here for sale. it has about 45k miles on it, and although its unnecessary the snout oil was changed with GM supercharger oil every 10k. this was on my SS for a few years. basically, you get the head unit fully assembled with everything except it will come with Siemens Dekka 60lb injectors. the 42lb that come with it limit you at only 7-8 psi. injectors all work perfectly, no leaks no issues. it has a returnless fuel line block on the fuel rail (for 2004-2007 trucks) but if you have a 2003 we can get you the return style fuel rail block, its no issue. currently the blower has a stock 78mm 3 bolt throttle j-tube, but we can put our modified 90mm 4 bolt flange on it for you for $200-300. we also carry any and all throttle bodies, and anything else youd need if you didn't have. I will include a Walbro 255 lph in-tank pump, that has about 20k miles on it, works fine. I will also include the Bosch intercooler pump, intercooler reservoir that came with the kit, and the 5/8" heater hose. I will also include a custom made harness for the intercooler pump, similar to the one that comes with the kit. it will include a heat exchanger- either the Radix kit unit or a larger unit. all little parts, like the coolant vent pipe on the cyl heads will be included- everything needed to run the kit will be included- many parts brand new. the kit will arrive ready to bolt on. the blower is off and ready to ship in a few days time. my contact info is in my signature- you can email me, or text the number in the signature. I get a lot of calls and sometimes they get lost in the masses lol. asking $3000 + shipping. (shipping usually runs about $100-130). feel free to contact me with any questions -John *the decal on the snout has been removed, did not leave any mark or residue*
  2. From the album: My SS Tahoe

    painted the Radix before Install. Sanded off the ribs to look like billit aluminum grill.
  3. I've got a complete Magnacharger TVS1900 Supercharger kit for sale. It came off of my wife's 2009 Silverado with a 5.3L. It only has about 4,500 miles on it. Shortly after I put it on, we found a deal on another car we couldn't pass up so we traded the truck in without the supercharger. Everything is in EXCELLENT/Clean condition. I had absolutely no problems with it at all and it made great power. Everything in the kit is included that you need for the install. I took pictures of just about everything except for a couple small misc bolts/brackets that I have bagged in a small box. Includes the supercharger belt and pink 42# injectors. The kit is still new enough that all the printing is still visible on the belt and hasn't wore off. It's part number 01-19-60-001-BL from Magnacharger. SOLD!!!!!! Fitment per Magnacharger: 2007.5-2010 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 4.8L 2007.5-2010 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 5.3L 2007.5-2010 GMC Sierra 1500 4.8L 2007.5-2010 GMC Sierra 1500 5.3L Don't quote me on this but I've heard this kit can be installed on the 1999-2006 trucks as well and many people prefer it as it has a larger heat exchanger. You just need to fit the heat exchanger and provide a fuel pump. For return style fuel lines, you can buy a new fitting block from Magnacharger for a return style setup on the fuel rails.
  4. Hey guys, In this thread I'll be posting pics & updates of my truck throughout the build process. Right now we are still in the preliminary stages and still deciding exactly what will go into the truck and ordering/collecting parts. For my ace-in-the-hole professional mechanic help I've enlisted the aid of John from Kelley Performance. He has been an amazing help and incredibly kind to spend the amount of time he has talking with me and helping me make a list of necessary parts down to the last bolt and washer. Without a doubt I'd still be spinning my wheels and very far from where I currently am in the build (even though it hasn't even begun! lol) without his help. So, first and foremost, a huge THANK YOU! To John I've decided that the majority of the build will most likely be done on June 1st and/or sooner depending on when everything arrives. Originally it didn't look like I'd have all the necessary parts until then, but I may end up with everything way before then, like, within a week or two! Which was unexpected but not a bad thing. Link to Build Party: http://www.silveradoss.com/forums/topic/81193-build-party-dover-de-area/ And now on to the build! So far, the entire build list is: Definites: Radix Mp112 Ls2 Silver Blade 90mm TB Custom Blower Cam OBX Longtube headers + ORY + Fake cats Corsa Sport Exhaust catback Shift Kit + Vette Servo AeroForce Scan Gauge(s) LED Swapped Gauge Cluster via GMGaugeGuys Krambo Tuned when it's all put together! Assorted/Misc Supporting Parts like Dr.X, Gaskes, Oils, etc. Possibilities/Future Additions: E-Fans Hood Wheels Nav Radio Full custom paint job Speedstur Tonneau For a little while I was debating on whether I'd want new ported/polished heads but I've decided against it. If I ever want anything like that maybe I'll just go snag a salvaged LS7 427 and go all out ;) Now for the fun part! First thing I've actually received so far was the TransGo HD2 Shift Kit & Vette Servo But, no proper build can start with a dirty truck, and today was the nicest day we've had so far this year. Hard to believe we just had roughly 6 inches of snow/rain fall just a few days ago. So I pulled my gauge-less truck out of the garage and proceeded to give it a much needed bath. And holy hell is it a battle. My water in my new house SUCKS, I have water spots so deep I'm pretty sure they'll eat through my engine block if I let it sit long enough. I've forgotten what it looks like to see out of a clean window, I don't think it's possible to get the spots off! I've tried everything but Adams products simply because I hate to order something before I've used up the old stuff. So, I'll suffer through the remainder of my Meguiars/ArmorAll and such and next time I'll try out a full set of Adams, that might make the difference. Pre-Wash: Don't tell Brian but I had a can of Plastidip laying around so I decided to dip my bowtie in true ricer fashion ;) Before: After: Not too bad i think Wiped down the engine bay as best as I could, nothing special And here's a pic of some of the crap I've been using to clean the truck And here she is all cleaned up and sparkly. Believe me, it looks much better in the pictures than it does in person. My wheels were already on the way downhill when I bought the truck but the last two winters of steady driving has definitely taken its toll. There's quite a bit of peeling and a lot of pitting. I'm really not sure what to do other than maybe dipping the wheels and using them as my winter beaters. I've been eyeballing some new wheels anyway. And my dog was fascinated with this salamander while I was workin' on the truck And she thought this baby water snake was her new seat, she just walked over and sat right on it. Surprised it didn't bite her ass!! Wasn't fast enough to get a pic of her sitting on it lol Well, that's all for now! I'll post more pics as I get parts and once the break-down begins.
  5. here is one of our new products we offer. there will be a few new topics over the next week with all the products we offer, but here is a popular one- this is a custom 4"/100mm (the whole way, no choke downs) intake for a MP112/122 Radix supercharger that goes from your airbox to your throttle/j-tube. it uses a 4"/100mm MAF housing that we fabricate (one pictured is LPE, but three times the price so we make our own) and uses a GM MAF that has a higher range so you can properly tune your modified truck as the OEM MAF will max out with the Radix setups. so for those not running SD this helps alot with your tune. PM me for details, prices, and to order John pic of it in the truck
  6. like title says i am looking for a 90mm J-Tube for a M112 Radix, an LS2/3/7 90mm TB, and LS6 2002-2004 camshaft (NOT the early lower lift LS6 cam). please let me know if you have any of these things. emailing me or texting me is the best way to get ahold of me. [email protected] 954-647-8536 John
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