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Found 4 results

  1. Hey guys I've been doing some surfing through older threads and see lots of guys with 90mm intake manifolds and even 102s with a procharger but seems most everyone I've come across running a different intake manifold with a procharger is rocking the D1SC.... is it just not worth it to swap out to a larger intake manifold with the P1SC? any guys run a P1SC for awhile then swap out the intake and see a worth the money difference? I've been told by another member that was running the P1SC and a larger intake that he wished he didnt swap the manifolds because the smaller stock one allows larger boost pressure, make any sense? I can see it both ways so you pros got any advice I would much appreciate it!!! I'm considering the search for a D1 before even put the P1 on to ha cause i'll probably wanna upgrade so probably good investment in the intake huh?
  2. As the title states I want to buy a procharger big red race valve or another type of supercharger BOV. The one that came with my setup slowly leaks off boost and when I shut my truck off it whistles for an extra 5 sec. after I shut my truck off. It's driving me crazy!
  3. Well guys I never wanted this day to come but looks like my current situation will be fitted best if I sale the SS before I even put this setup on it I've been collecting parts for for over a year. I can't justify storage costs for it and my Jeep when I'm gone 9+ months a year, so I'm trading them both for a 2013 2500HD Duramax. First off I'm still deployed but returning home in two weeks so these parts will not be shipped for at least two weeks that's why I labeled it "feeler". All of the parts came from other members on this site and some I haven't even seen yet in person and are in the garage waiting for my return home (bought them from over here). List is pretty long and pictures to follow but I may have to give you links to the link where I bought it since I can't take pics from 8,000 miles away. Prices with be OBO plus shipping and paypal fees (gifting the money is fine with me, its free) here goes: Full P1SC kit inter cooler and all, stock pulley and everything needed for install- $3,000 Custom black Procharger intake- $500 6.0 Procharger emblems- $150 Larger 3.25 core intercooler and tubing- $300 42# injectors plug and play- $400 60# injectors plug and play- $500 Trango HD2 shift kit plus billet and corvette servos (new)- $200 Circle 2800 stall- $850 SLP 160 stat (new)- $100 Extra PCM- $$$ make an offer idk what these are worth $$$ Baer 6s big brakes kit front 15" and rear 14" with pads- $2000 Black with blue flames engine covers (matching dentguys hood tailgate for sale)- $500 Door sill plates polished (yup the nice ones I just bought) - $180ish SS flood lights 2 pairs one blue one white (just bought in group buy also)- $45each I believe ISS spoiler just bought on here as well- $180ish ***Fuel/air, wideband, and boost gauges white like SS clusters - all 3 $500 Ugghhh I hope that is all of it but stay tuned... As you can tell by all the stuff I wasn't planning on ever getting rid of the SS but I just don't have the area right now to store it and justify the thousands in mods I was going to put on. It's not gone yet so still hope but I think I may be moving on. So anyone want anything?
  4. Ok I have a guy I work with who drives a 1997 Tahoe it is a 350 small block With a Procharger. I dont know what model it is all I know is it was brand new when he bought the truck it three months ago. It is not intercooled. He wants to trade me for my sound system two 15 inch Kicker solo L7s and an amp. I would love to have the supercharger, I have built my tranny a bit 2300 stall Five pinion planets basically just a raptor junior kit from PATC. Blackbear tune I will need a reflash, cai, and custom free flowing exhaust with cat delete. It ran a 14.2 second Quarter a few weeks ago at speedworld. The question is would this charger even work on the lQ9 and also I have 126,000 miles so how bad of a decision would this be? also this truck is a DD... Any input would be helpful I try and drive it civilized but there are times when I go WOT.
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